It is reported that Google is developing an AR helmet: codenamed “Project Iris”, and it will be available as soon as 2024

On January 21st news, World’s Giant Company Google developed a Google AR helmet: codenamed “Project Iris”, and it will be available as soon as 2024, Google has been involved in the AR / VR industry for nearly 10 years, and now its AR / VR software is more popular, but the hardware has not been abandoned. Although Google Glass is out of the consumer market, it still exists in the form of an enterprise product. Don’t forget Google also has the Daydream VR headset.

The latest report says that Google is developing a new Google AR headset, code-named “Project Iris”, and the development work is still in the early stages, and the product is expected to be available as soon as 2024. The headset is powered by Google’s custom processor, which is somewhat similar to how Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were developed. Some employees of the Pixel hardware team are involved in the AR headset project, but we don’t know if the AR headset will end up under the Pixel brand.

In December last year, Mark Lucovsky, who was the general manager of the operating system at Oculus, joined Google. The recruitment news at the time also confirmed that Google was recruiting AR OS talents. There are signs that Google is serious about new AR products. .

The AR headset will utilize Google data centers to enhance graphics rendering, which means it will involve streaming video from the cloud. With cloud support, AR headsets don’t need to be that powerful but require a stable Wi-Fi connection when in use. 2024 is still far away, and Google’s plans could change at any time.

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