Amazon has released its new Fire HD 10 series tablet with a narrower border

 Amazon has released a new Fire HD 10 series tablet, according to The Verge.

The $ 149.99 Fire HD 10 is reported to have thinner design, narrower range, and 50 percent more memory up to 3GB. Amazon says that the 1080p screen is brighter than ever. The tablet is equipped with a “powerful octa-core processor” and officials have not revealed how much the performance has improved.

Amazon also released the Fire HD 10 Plus, which has 4 GB of memory and supports wireless charging. However, it has not given any details about the processor. The Fire HD 10 Plus is priced at $ 179.99.

Both products will be shipped on 26 May.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Pro

The $ 149.99 Fire HD 10 is now what you expect from a modern tablet. Which is all around with slim design and slim-down bezels. RAM has been increased by 50 percent to 3GB. Amazon says that the 1080p screen is brighter than before. It describes Amazon as a “powerful octa-core processor”. Although it is unclear what – if any improvement – it represents the 2Ghz octa-core chip. Which has failed to impress us in the previous model.

Speaking of performance, Amazon is also offering its “most powerful 10-inch tablet”, the Fire HD 10 Plus. This model has 4GB RAM, soft touch finish and wireless charging. However again Amazon is not providing details on the processor. Like the Fire HD 8 Plus, this time an optional was made. Amazon is the wireless charging dock, this time made by Anchor. The HD 10 Plus is priced at $ 30, $ 179.99 more than the non-Plus model.

Amazon tablets are generally not associated with productivity. But the company is making it with the new Fire HD 10 range. The tablets will be available in “Productivity Bundles”. Including a finty-designed keyboard case and a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365. The bundle starts at $ 219.99 and the keyboard will cost $ 49.99. Amazon has also added a new split-screen multitasking feature to Fire OS.

For the Kids lineup, Amazon is offering a whole new series of tablets called the Fire Kids Pro. (Obviously, only the most professional kids need to apply.) Available in 7-inch ($ 99.99), 8-inch ($ 139.99), and 10-inch ($ 199.99) versions. Fire Kids Pro tablets feature slim protective cases with built-in protection.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Amazon says that Kids Pro’s home screen looks and feels like a “grown-up” tablet. The browser has the option to provide “open but filtered” web access. In which parents block or allow specific sites There is also an App Store where children are able to request to download the app. Which parents can later approve, and one year of Amazon’s Kids + service for tablet educational and entertainment content Come along.

Amazon is also releasing the Kids Edition of the new Fire HD 10. Including a “kid-proof” case, a two-year replacement warranty and a year of Amazon Kids +. This model will sell for $ 199.99, and at the time of launch, Amazon is offering you a 30 percent discount out of two.

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