Apple Beats Fit Pro Wireless Headphones is Released – Firmware 4E64 Update

Apple Beats Fit Pro Wireless Headphones is Released, On March 23 news, according to MacRumors reports, Apple today released a new 4E64 firmware update for the Beats Fit Pro wireless headphones that went on sale in November last year. The previous version was the 4B65 firmware released at the end of November last year.

Apple didn’t provide specifics about the flash firmware update for the Apple Beats Fit Pro, so we don’t yet know what improvements or bug fixes the firmware brings. The software may include performance improvements and bug fixes, rather than externally facing changes.

There is no standard way to upgrade Beats software, but firmware is generally installed wirelessly when the headphones are connected to an iOS device. Put the Beats Fit Pros in the box, connect them to a power source, and pair them with your iPhone or iPad to force an update in a fraction of the time.

The Apple Beats Fit Pro is Apple’s latest release of Beats headphones with flexible wingtips that allow them to be placed in the ear, and includes a charging case, silicone tips, features that support active noise cancellation, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and H1 chip that supports “Hey Siri”.

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