Apple iOS 14.4 beta 2 released, iPadOS 14.4 Developer Preview [update: public beta Available]

News from Gadget Pixels, Jan. 14 Foreign media MacRumors reported that Apple pushed the developer preview beta 2 of iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 this morning. With version number 18D5043d. The current public beta version has also been released, and the new beta version was released a month after Apple released iOS 14.4 beta 1.

iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 can be downloaded via the Apple Developer Center, or via OTA after installing the appropriate configuration file on the iPhone or iPad.

Apple iOS 14.4 Developer beta 2 realeased

Gadget Pixels is informed that iOS 14.4 includes a new setting to specify the device type for third-party Bluetooth-connected audio devices. So that the headset audio level can be measured correctly. Apple will track the audio level measurement of the headset, and if the volume level of music playback can damage hearing health over time. Then it will sound an alarm.

Apple iOS 14.4 Public beta 2 Realeased

Apple iOS 14.4 beta 2 Released for HomePod |

HomePod 14.4 with beta version, which is open to limited testers only. iOS 14.4 added new HomePod Mini features using the Mini U1 chip.

ios 14.4 Bluetooth device type

Now, when songs are transferred from HomePod Mini to iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. Which will be visual, audio and touch effects if U1 supports. When iPhone contacts HomePod Mini. So it will start a soft touch rhythm. As the iPhone draws closer, the rhythm for transferring songs between the HomePod Mini and the iPhone will open until the interface opens.

This feature will make HomePod Mini and iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 faster and more reliable. These devices are equipped with a U1 chip, allowing the devices to better understand each other’s location relationships.

homepod mini 14.4 u1 chip

On the iPhone, there is a new “walk time” feature in the “Exercise” section of the Apple Watch app. Including a switch to “add the latest exercises to the watch”. this indicates. That Apple may plan to incorporate guided walking exercises into watchOS 7.3 beta. “Walking Exercise Time” is then downloaded. When the Apple Watch is connected to a power source and close to the iPhone. Completed practice will be removed automatically. It is not available in the beta 1 beta version of watchOS 7.3 and iOS 14.4. But it can be activated later.

iOS Beta 2 Find My Device Enhancement |

Another important change is in Find My App. When you start Find My. So a new splash screen will appear explaining the new features of the application.

Apple find my device enhancement

New features include support for third-party accessories, improved notifications for friends and family, and Find My Network. Which can help you find lost items even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. All this seems to pave the way for AirTags. Which is expected to come in the near future.

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