Apple iOS 15 Beta 4 new bug: some iPhone models restart immediately after shutting down

Gadget Pixel 30 July News for Apple iOS 15 Beta 4 new bugs and more issues. Recently, Apple has rolled out the iOS/iPadOS 15 Developer Preview/Public Beta beta 4 updates (build number: 19A5307g) for iPhone and iPad users. Safari has improved the design and added MagSafe support.

While adding new features, a netizen of Gadget Pixel found that some iPhone models have a bug. which restarts immediately after shutdown. Some netizens said that the bug appeared in their iPhone 8 Plus, and some netizens said that the bug is also present in the Apple iOS 15 beta 3 versions.

Apple iOS 15 Beta 4 new bug unexpectedly shutdown

Apple iOS 15 beta 4 includes design changes to the Safari browser. Canceling some controversial content first, such as canceling a separate new tab page. The iOS 15 update also adds full support for the MagSafe battery back clip.

Users can download the details file via the Gadget Pixels app – Discover – Apple Profile, and download the latest version via “Software Update” in “System Preferences”.

Note to WeChat readers: After following the official WeChat account of Gadget Pixel, please answer the keyword “description file” or “Apple” to get the most convenient current version of the description file and guide!

Description Files and Full Manual Required to Download iOS Firmware:

Apple iOS 15 Beta 4

Release Date ― July 27, 2021
Build Number ― 19A5307g
Darwin Kernel Version ― 21.0.0: Tue Jul 20 00:39:07 PDT 2021; root:xnu-8019.

iOS 15 Beta 4 Release Notes

New Features & Changes

  • The music app no longer shows a gear icon for a smart playlist Like in beta 3. It shows autogenerated artwork instead, like many previous versions of the iOS music app Does.

New Issues

  • Bi-directional scrolling lag/stutter in Safari (on address bar pop-up/collapse)
  • A newly installed game may not trigger a Game Center login for a supported game.

Additional Notes

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