Apple iOS 15/iPad OS 15 will redesign the iPad home screen to update lock screens, notifications, and privacy options

Latest News are coming for Apple iOS 15/iPad OS 15 will redesign the iPad home screen to update lock screens, notifications, and privacy options and more. Apple will introduce new features and enhancements, including a redesigned iPad home screen, an updated lock screen, and new notification preferences for users, in the official release of iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 later this year, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reports.

Apple is preparing to make major changes in its mobile software. Which includes redesigning the iPad home screen, how to handle user notifications. Familiar with matters such as updating the lock screen and providing additional privacy protection for your flagship devices.

The company is planning a new facility. Which will allow users to set different notification preferences. Such as whether the phone makes a sound based on its current position. This correction will appear as a new menu. Which allows users to choose where they are driving. Working, sleeping or a custom category of your choice. The menu appears in the updated lock screen and control center. Which is the iPhone and iPad menu for quick access to the settings.

There will also be an option to set automatic answers based on the status of the information. This would be an improvement over the current auto-reply feature. Which is currently available only while driving. Apple has added some unique notification features, such as Do Not Disturb and Sleep Mode, but this will mark the first time. That the company has offered a system-wide feature. Which changes notifications based on the user’s status. “

According to the report, Apple is working to improve the iPad home screen. This allows users to place widgets on any part of the screen in iPhone style instead of the current settings. Also today bar view is banned on the left. Apple plans to allow users to replace the entire application grid with widgets to enable additional customization.

Gadget Pixels has learned that Apple’s planned software update, named “Akash”. Looks like a selective increase. For example, the report shows. That Apple is upgrading iMessage as a social network with the ultimate goal of being able to compete with WhatsApp, although there are not many details about the changes.

Elsewhere, Apple is said to be working to introduce a new privacy menu. Which will show users which apps are silently collecting their data. It seems that Apple has an additional Bastion to stop apps to prevent the protection introduced in iOS 14.5. As such, its apps track transparency rules.

According to Gurman, after redesigning macOS 11 Big Sur last year, Apple is planning small updates to macOS as well as watchOS and tvOS.

Apple usually releases new versions of iOS and iPadOS around September. The release date of the new iPhone is near. But it prefers to release the latest previews of iOS and iPad OS at the WWDC Annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

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