Apple iOS 15 / iPadOS is coming soon, but some functions are temporarily unavailable

News from Gadget Pixels September 20 The official version of Apple iOS 15 will arrive on September 20. As per common practice, it is estimated to be around 1 a.m. Beijing time on the 21st. In addition, iPad OS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15 are also available. Will come along

However, not all features will be provided when the official version is released. As per wccftech report, some features are not fully ready yet and will be provided in a later version update.

The following features are temporarily unavailable in the official version of iOS 15:

  • App privacy report: This privacy feature will allow users to view the details of sensors and data accessed by each app in the past week.
  • Three-dimensional navigation in CarPlay: The map in iOS 15 now includes a 3D interactive globe, new driving features, planned guides, detailed buildings in some cities, and more.
  • SharePlay: The new SharePlay feature is one of the main new features of iOS 15. It will allow users to share songs, videos, and even their iPhone screens with others through FaceTime .
Apple iOS 15 / iPadOS camera preview and face time
  • Universal control: The upcoming universal control function will allow Mac users to use the host keyboard and mouse to control iPad and even other Mac computers.
  • Custom email domains: The new custom email domain feature will allow users to use their custom domains for iCloud email addresses. In addition, this option will be used with iCloud Family Sharing.
  • ID card: The official version of iOS 15 will not provide support for ID card in the Wallet App.

The above are the functions that were not available when the official version of iOS 15 was released. In addition, the launch time of these features is also uncertain. Some features may be released with iOS 15.1, while other features may be released with iOS 15.2 or later.

Apple ios 15 Release Date

As announced at Apple’s “California Streaming” media event on September 14, the public release of iOS 15 will be on Monday, September 20.

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