Apple iPhone 13 / Pro Series supports Wi-Fi 6E and extends to the 6GHz frequency band

Apple iPhone 13 / Pro Series supports Wi-Fi 6E: According to the gadget pixels News reported on 27 January quoting foreign media macroomers. That Apple plans to release the first iPhone model to support Wi-Fi 6E in 2021, according to Barclays analysts Blaine Curtis and Thomas O Malle.

In a research report shared today, the analyst wrote. That the semiconductor company will apparently provide various components for this year’s “iPhone 13” model. The reader’s mood around Apple supplier Skyworks’ investment, including Wi-Fi 6e power amplifiers, has become “very negative”.

Apple iPhone 13 / Pro Series supports Wi-Fi 6E |

Analysts said that chipmaker Broadcom would also benefit from the adoption of Wi-Fi 6E by Apple and Samsung this year. Earlier this month, Samsung launched a new Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone based on Broadcom chips that supports Wi-Fi 6E.

Last month, Barclays analysts said that the iPhone 13 model “may support Wi-Fi 6E, and this is more specific information.”

Gadget Pixels is informed. That Wi-Fi 6e, Wi-Fi 6 offers features and functions. Including high performance, low latency and fast data rates, extending to the 6GHz frequency band. The additional spectrum will provide more airspace beyond the current 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi. Thereby providing higher bandwidth and less interference for Wi-Fi 6 E-enabled devices.

Earlier this year, the FCC passed a rule providing 1200 MHz spectrum of the 1200 GHz band in the United States for unlicensed use. This paved the way for the promotion of Wi-Fi 6 e-enabled devices in the country.

Both the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series support the standard, non-6 GHz version of Wi-Fi 6. As does the second generation of the iPhone SE.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 series in September this year.

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