Apple iPhone 14 has entered the OEM trial production stage

Apple iPhone 14 has entered the OEM trial production stage: According to Taiwan Economic Daily, Gadget Pixels has told on 21 February. That Apple’s iPhone 14 has recently entered the OEM trial production phase.

It is reported that Luxshare Precision has not yet received a new product trial production and import mass production service order (NPI), and will not be able to OEM the high-end Apple iPhone 14, the report said. have hope. that it can only receive original Apple iPhone 14 orders this year and be the second supplier; Hong Hai Ze is firmly seated on the throne of the iPhone OEM leader.

Hon Hai has never commented on the dynamics of major customer orders, and Luxshare Precision has yet to comment on the matter.

GadgetPixel has learned that according to industry analysts, Apple usually issues trial production orders for new mobile phone products to the foundry in the middle and late February of each year, and the foundry’s plans for new products this year. presents to. The subsequent foundry should prepare the Bill of Materials (BOM). Suitable production and testing machines should be established, and a quality monitoring process should also be established.

After trial production begins, the foundry should collect data, correct abnormalities. Evaluate the production process and products that need to be improved, and evaluate whether test-produced products are acceptable. the product. Therefore, NPI can be considered as the initial stage of receiving orders and entering into mass production.

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