Apple unveils green iPhone 13/Pro, Samsung says ‘flattered’

On March 10 news, Apple yesterday launched the green iPhone 13 mini , iPhone 13 and “Cangling Green” iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max . Samsung believes that Apple’s inspiration came from them.

iPhone 13/Pro 2022 Edition ultra green color variant twitter comment

After Apple’s launch, Samsung’s official US account tweeted: “Ultra? Green? We’re flattered today.” Apparently, Samsung felt that Apple’s M1 Ultra naming and the new green iPhone were inspired by their Galaxy S22 Ultra, The latter is available in a Fog Pine Green colorway.

 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra green color variant

However, Samsung’s ridicule is somewhat weak, because this is not the first time Apple has provided a green version of the iPhone, and the iPhone 11 already has a green version.

 iPhone 13/Pro ultra green color variant with other smartphones
 iPhone 13/Pro twitter comment
 iPhone 13/Pro apple revels old pc variant

Many netizens accused Samsung of double-standard under Samsung’s tweet, saying that it copied Apple many times (cancel the included charger, 3.5mm audio jack, etc.). Some people even claimed that Apple launched a green iMac in 1998, ridiculing that Samsung copied Apple’s color.

Gadget Pixels understands that Samsung has been plagued by a lot of controversy recently, including limiting mobile game performance and data leaked by hackers, and it is not a good time to criticize competitors, especially Apple.

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