Apple Watch blood glucose and temperature measurement fuction added

Foreign media claimed that Apple is developing a blood glucose measurement function for Apple Watch. It needs to use optical sensing technology to measure blood flow under the skin so that users can measure blood glucose without a needle.

Apple Watch continues to add health features. Bloomberg reports that the next-generation Apple Watch will add blood sugar and body temperature measurement functions to avoid comparisons to Google’s Fitbit. In addition, Apple also plans to launch a version of the Apple Watch suitable for outdoor sports.

About Apple Watch blood glucose and temperature measurement fuction

The report states that the next generation Apple Watch, named Series 7. It will be equipped with a faster processor, better wireless and ultra-wideband support, and will also feature a thinner, narrower frame display screen. According to sources, the Series 7 is expected to measure body temperature. This function is considered suitable for COVID-19 infection measurement. But it could not be launched when the pandemic in Europe and the US was at its worst last year. Some wearable devices, such as the Oura smart ring, already have the function of measuring body temperature and are used for medical research on COVID-19.

In addition, the source also revealed that Apple is also developing a blood glucose measurement function. But the progress is not yet immediately commercialized. This technique uses optical sensing technology to measure blood flow under the skin. By which the user can get the result without sticking the needle.

This feature will become a separate feature of Apple Watch. Google has also studied the use of contact lenses to measure blood sugar. But it failed due to accuracy and stability issues.

Although Apple is the number one watch in the market and the first smart watch that integrates medical-grade ECG functions. The Apple Watch’s competitors are no exception. Fitbit Google Sense Energy measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), ECG and body temperature. Omron’s Heartguide and the three-star Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch can measure blood pressure.

Furthermore, Bloomberg also reported that after last year’s Apple Watch SE, Apple is expected to launch an affordable version of the smart watches this year. As well it is expected to launch rugged models designed for extreme sports, or “exploration” and “adventure” versions of the Apple Watch. . It is expected to be launched in 2022.

iOS 15, released by Apple’s Preview last week, added a safety measurement function that can monitor the walking stability of the wearer (such as the elderly) by measuring the user’s walking speed, step distance and time spent on the ground. This feature is not yet implemented on Apple Watch.

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