Apple’s iCloud Password Chrome Browser Extension is now available

News for Apple’s iCloud Password Chrome Browser Extension. As of February 1 news, in addition to iTunes, another important Apple product on the Microsoft operating system is the iCloud synchronization client. Which users can use to synchronize files, photos and mail in iCloud. Now, Apple is also introducing iCloud Password Browser Extension for Windows Chrome users.

ICloud password is currently available on the Chrome Web Store. With which you can create such a password. Which is as strong as Safari on Apple devices on Chrome browser on Windows.

This browser extension provides access to automatically generated or saved passwords in iOS and macOS Safari browsers when you use the Chrome browser. Synchronization will be two-way, and your new credentials stored in Chrome will also be saved in the iCloud kitchen.

Apple’s iCloud password Chrome browser extension

Support Apple’s iCloud password for Windows for version 12.0 or later

To use this feature, you only need to update iCloud for Windows for version 12.0 or later. After turning it on, you will see a new “Password” option in the list of available services. After clicking “Apply” below, a dialog box will open to download the corresponding extension in Chrome.

This expansion is much needed. Especially for those who use both Windows and Apple devices as their daily drivers. Or those that use the Chrome and Safari browsers. Your passwords are now easily accessible on both your iPhone and your Windows computer. When you create new passwords, they will also be synced.

This extension is only useful for those people. Who use iCloud Keychain as their password manager. Once installed, it will offer automatic saved password suggestions on Chrome for Windows and Mac. The iCloud password extension was first seen last week. When it was mentioned in the latest version of iCloud for Windows 10 apps.

The extension is called Apple iCloud Password and is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Details of the functionality were revealed last week in an update to the iCloud Windows 10 app. Which listed “support for iCloud password Chrome extension” as a new feature even though the extension was not released or announced otherwise.

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