ASUS RTX 2060 12GB graphic card price Preview

Gadget Pixel reported on December 15 that Nvidia’s Asus RTX 2060 12GB graphics card has been officially released, and several manufacturers have launched their new products at the same time. This graphics card does not have a public version design. So there is no official guide price for NVIDIA. According to foreign media TomHardware, two ASUS dual RTX 2060 12G EVO graphics cards have appeared in German e-commerce companies, and their retail prices have been announced.

This range of graphics cards includes a silent frequency version and an overclocked version, which is equipped with two fans. The price is about 3578 yuan (In India Approx. Rs. 42,770) including tax, and the prices of both are very similar.

According to Gadget Pixels, the RTX 2060 6GB video memory version was released in 2019. The new 12GB video memory version has 2176 CUDA cores , using Turing TU106-300-KA-A1 GPU chip, 12nm process.

ASUS RTX 2060 Price

At present, Colorful and other brands have launched their own RTX 2060 12GB graphics cards in China, priced from 3499 yuan (Indian Price Approx. Rs. 41,830) to 4799 yuan (Rs. 57,359). This new ASUS product is temporarily not on the shelves in China, and it is expected to be around 3999 yuan (Indian Price Approx. Rs. 47,804).

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