Dogecoin Founder Sold Everything In 2015 To Buy ‘used Honda Civic’; Reacts On ‘$1’ Figure

According to the Gadget Pixels May 11 news CCTV Finance, Dogecoin Founder Sold Everything In 2015 To Buy ‘used Honda Civic’; Reacts On ‘$1’ Figure, this year’s Fire Dog Coin has experienced a roller coaster market in the last 72 hours. On 8 May, Musk joked on the famous American variety, that “dog coins are a scam”. There can be 9 plunge of about 40%. On May 10, Musk retweeted. That he would send a dog coin to the moon next year on a SpaceX rocket, but the dog coin is still in big swing today.

What is the origin of dog coin?

In 2013, Adobe Product Manager Jackson Palmer saw the issue of Crazy Coin issuance in the ring. Half-jokingly and half-jokingly on Twitter said, “Invest in my dog ​​coin dog coin, and that’s going to explode.” He later signed up for the Dog Coin website and used the “Wood Dog Dog Face” emoji bag to follow the P logo.

Then IBM’s software engineer Billy Marcus found them, and the two were caught together, and the dog coins were thrown out on top of the ready-made open source litics. Which made them traditional dog coins.

Previously, dog coins were popular on a smaller scale. Many participants recalled that at that time, many items in the coin circle revealed the strong smell of MLM ring money. But for fun and to make dog coins like a clear stream.

By 2018, however, large retail trading platforms such as Robin Hood will allow dog coins to be traded, and Musk has since started writing jokes about recommending dog coins, reducing the flight price.

CCTV reported that Jackson Palmer left the cryptocurrency ring in 2015. Billy Marcus recently revealed that he was fired by the company in 2015 and bought a second-hand Honda with all dog coins on hand. If a 2-handed Honda costs RMB 20,000. So the car was recently traded at RMB160 million.

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