Facebook Smart Glass Ray Ban try-on

Facebook has cooperated with Facebook smart glass ray ban and has now launched their first smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories.

Not surprisingly, the functions of hands-free calling and listening to music have not fallen. Even due to the industry’s involution, taking photos and recording videos has become a basic talent for smart glasses debut.

But looking at the same appearance as ordinary glasses, one can’t help but make people curious, whether its function is enough or not?

To this end, The Verge evaluated everything about Ray-Ban Stories.

It is inconvenient for the caller, the video streaming is not smooth, and the battery is not durable? The answers to all the questions consumers care about can be found here.

Experience Facebook smart glass ray ban on the face

Appearance design is becoming more and more everyday is the constant development trend of smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories also comes with buff in this respect.

Facebook smart glass ray ban 1

The glasses not only use the classic Ray-Ban styles Wayfarer, Round and Meteor, but you can also freely choose the color of the frame you like.

Can these smart glasses be worn for myopia? Of course, you can add money and customize the lens, so easy.

Regardless of appearance, all electronic products with cameras must first show their shooting capabilities. The Verge also evaluated this feature first.

facebook ray ban vr wuality preview

In addition to saying “Hey Facebook, take a video” to wake up the camera, you can also choose a less fearsome way, and honestly reach out and press the switch on the frame.

The 5-megapixel camera has a video limit of 30 seconds and a photo limit of only 500. This is not enough, and it is really incomparable with today’s smart phones. However, The Verge also said that its advantage is more reflected in the moment when it can’t take out the phone in time.

What if the camera integrated with the frame is used for sneak shots? Facebook also took this issue into consideration, and specially set up indicator LED lights, which can light up during the shooting process to remind others that the shooting is in progress.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the material you have taken, you can use the Facebook View application to achieve one-stop photo editing and posting to Facebook.

facebook ray ban smart glass application  preview

Next, take a look at how the basic functions of listening to music and making calls perform.

According to The Verge’s personal experience, the sound quality sounds fairly full. Connecting to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, listening to radio calls and listening to music, it seems that the smart headset function is integrated into the glasses.

“But to enjoy music alone, wear normal headphones,” The Verge pointed out its flaws: audio can only be played outside . Maybe this is specially prepared for social cow X syndrome.

Different from the previous inherent impression that smart glasses consume fast power, Facebook’s first product improves the technical problem of battery life. After charging for one hour and working for six hours, the glasses case can be used as a charging device for 3 times of charging .

The above mentioned are all the functions that Facebook smart glasses can achieve. As for AR, that does not exist.

In this regard, The Verge also expressed regret: it is more like an early version of the fashionable version of Facebook’s rival company Snap.

Facebook’s chief VR scientist Michael Abrash also said that it will take 5 to 10 years for “real AR glasses” to enter the market .

Facebook ray ban smart glasses vr quality

It seems that if you want to experience Guy’s perspective in “Out of Control Players”, $299 is not enough.

Facebook smart glass ray ban are worth it

Starting from Google Glass, various smart glasses products have been on the market, but most of them are short-lived.

The reason for the failure is simple, and the industry has already made a precise summary: high pricing and few features are common problems of early products. Google launched one version after another, but due to battery and weight issues still unresolved, eventually it had to stop production.

In contrast, Facebook has made a balance between appearance and price, sacrificing some functions to reduce costs, starting with a price of $299.

In addition to the 6-hour battery life, this smart glasses also takes advantage of Ray-Ban’s original style in terms of appearance design.

However, the appearance of being too low-key is also an important factor criticized by others. The Verge also raised concerns, suggesting that the LED light used for shooting is too dim, which may cause privacy issues.

However, compared with existing products, Ray-Ban Stories still has an advantage that cannot be ignored. Major media pay close attention to Ray-Ban Stories, and even use the “cut Hu Apple” to evaluate Facebook in their reports.

The big cake in the smart glasses market has not only attracted Facebook and Ray-Ban, but companies such as Google and Snap that have sought breakthroughs from failed products have never given up on this market. Apple has carried out technical reserves for many years to try to join the market competition. .

According to foreign media reports, Micro OLED displays may be used in the first Apple AR glasses, and it is expected to realize functions such as watching movies and watching maps.

Facebook Smart Glass Ray Ban Release Date

Facebook and iconic eyewear brand Ray-Ban launched their new smart glasses on Thursday, September 9. Which is the latest foray into a difficult, niche market. But the social media giant sees this as a step towards its future.

Read More about ray ban smart Glass: https://www.facebook.com/RayBan/

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