Facebook Smart Glasses coming: Ray-Ban smart glasses released

On August 2nd, Zuckerberg stated on Facebook’s recent earnings conference call that its next product will be “the first Facebook smart glasses launched in cooperation with Luxottica, the parent company of Ray-Ban. )”

“These glasses have a (Ray-Ban) iconic shape. So you can do some really cool things.” “I’m very pleased to see people experience these glasses, and progress continues on the road to full augmented reality glasses [full augmented reality glasses] in the future,” Zuckerberg said.

Since 2019, there have been rumors that “Facebook is going to launch its own glasses”. At the time, a source told foreign media CNBC that Facebook was collaborating with Ray-Ban’s parent company Luxottica. To develop AR glasses code-named “Orion”.

“Orion” AR glasses are advertised as a fully functional product that can replace mobile phones. Through which users can answer calls. Can view information and even broadcast live video. Last year, Hugo Barra, then vice president of virtual reality at Facebook Reality Labs, said. That these AR glasses will be available in 2021. But so far, Facebook hasn’t announced a specific release date for “Orion.”

If there is no display, it may be equipped with a camera and audio operating system

El jefe de hardware AR / VR de Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, realizó una entrevista con el medio extranjero CNET a principios de este año sobre estas gafas inteligentes. Dijo en ese momento: “Las gafas no son gafas de realidad aumentada. Sin embargo, muchos de los conceptos involucrados en ellas nos hacen pensar que eventualmente se realizarán en las gafas AR”.

Según informes de medios extranjeros, Facebook ha dicho. Que las gafas no estarán equipadas con pantalla. Entonces las gafas se pueden alimentar con audio. Al igual que las gafas Echo Frames, Bose Frames o las gafas Anzu de Razer de Amazon, estas gafas pueden enfocarse en el audio como tecnología inmersiva actual.

Algunos medios extranjeros especulan. Que estas gafas inteligentes también podrían equiparse con cámaras similares a las de Snap’s Spectacles.

Algunos medios extranjeros creen. Que para Facebook, las gafas AR son la clave de su crecimiento futuro. Zuckerberg dijo que además de la realidad virtual (VR), la realidad aumentada también es una parte importante de la construcción de un “meta-universo”. También dijo que en el futuro, Facebook se convertirá en una plataforma compartida y habitable que permitirá a los usuarios usar la realidad virtual y la realidad aumentada para “teletransportarse” entre diferentes experiencias sociales.

The new Facebook Smart glasses may be a peripheral of Facebook meta-universe

The “meta-universe” is the focus of recent attention from Silicon Valley and futurists. However, the concept has existed for more than a decade. But the concept “out of the circle” didn’t come true until after the success of multiplayer game creation platforms such as Fortnite and Roblox.

For Facebook, the meta-universe is more than just a “buzzword”. Zuckerberg said that the company is spending billions of dollars to build their shared universe. Which will have Facebook users and digital ads.

But if this vision is to be realized. So Facebook would have to allow more users to buy its computing hardware. Hence, it plans to make these devices more affordable. (Low price so that more users can buy these).

Zuckerberg explained: “Our core business model will not be to sell high-priced equipment or similar products. Because our mission is to provide services to as many people as possible.” He said he hopes to control the cost of the equipment. The limit in which more people can tolerate. Let more users participate (in the meta-universe), and then expand the scale of the digital economy.

According to foreign media reports, smart glasses are not the only hardware device. developed by Facebook. Multiple reports have claimed that Facebook is developing a smartwatch with a built-in cellular connection and detachable display. Initially, people thought that the watch would be launched first, but Zuckerberg had other plans.

Conclusion: Metaverse reveals Facebook’s ambitions

The functions and release times of Facebook’s smart glasses have not been finalized yet. But that remains to be seen from Facebook’s ambition and effort in building its own meta-universe.

The meta-universe is already a hot topic out of circles, but there is no specific definition yet. AR/VR, as the “essential” hardware device to create a meta-universe, has begun to compete for capital, and the major Internet giants are eliminated. But it’s still unclear whether or not the wireless scene is what’s left of the hen’s feathers.

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Facebook Is Getting Ready To Launch its Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

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