FSP launched world’s First SFX 12VO 750W power supply: 24pin changed to 10pin, effectively reducing standby power consumption

News on November 26, according to FSP official news, FSP has launched the world’s first SFX 12VO power supply FSP750-27SCB, which is officially claimed to allow PC systems to comply with the California Energy Efficiency Regulations on July 1, 2021. The announced CEC Tier II energy efficiency standard effectively reduces standby power consumption and meets the high energy consumption requirements of the new generation of CPUs and GPUs, and is suitable for the configuration of miniaturized computers on the market with high-end systems.

FSP stated that high-energy-consuming CPU and GPU configurations require high and stable power supply to ensure the normal operation of the system, provide the computing performance required by players and a good gaming experience. Compared with the traditional Multi Rail output, the Single Rail 12VO power supply adopts a 12V+12Vsb single 12V output design, which can effectively improve the power conversion efficiency, control the output voltage stability, reduce energy conversion losses, and let players have better wisdom Risk control experience.

The design of the SFX 12VO power supply wire is very different from the existing Multi Rail: The power supply wire of SFX12VO has been reduced from MB 24 pin to MB 10 pin , retaining the original CPU 4+4 pin and providing PCIe 8 The pin or 6+2 pin is used for the graphics card. Therefore, the SFX 12VO wire design has the advantages of convenient cable management, easy maintenance and assembly, and good system space heat dissipation. It is suitable for gaming PCs and gaming NUCs.

Parameter introduction:

  • Compliant with Intel ATX 12VO standard
  • Over 90% high efficiency conversion rate, 80Plus gold efficiency grade
  • Long-lasting quiet 92mm fan
  • Smart fan speed control
  • Flat line design of fully blackened module
  • DC-DC circuit design, stable power output
  • All Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • Optional PS2 size bracket to facilitate the installation of ATX size chassis
  • Multiple protection mechanisms: OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP


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