Google Android Auto receives a dual SIM support with latest update

News On November 30, according to 9to5 Google, after years of user requests, Google finally confirmed earlier this year that Android Auto would add support for dual-SIM smartphones. Now, it seems that this feature has finally been pushed to the users.

Reddit users learned over the weekend that their vehicles already have Android Auto dual-SIM support. However it is not yet widely available. Users who managed to get this feature up and running. He said that his app version was 7.1.614554 and that he had previously participated in a beta testing program.

In media tests, this function could not be replicated on a Google Pixel 6 Pro running Google Fi eSIM card and Verizon physical SIM card.

andorid auto dual sim

GadgetPixels is informed that dual SIM card support in Android Auto will appear primarily in the Phone app. Where users can choose which SIM card to use while making calls. Previously, Android Auto only used the default SIM card when initiating a call.

As mentioned earlier, in September this year, Google announced that this feature would come.

Source: Android Auto has apparently started rolling out dual-SIM support

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