Honor V40 5G Review – Full phone specifications, Design , Price

On January 22 , the Honor Terminal Company held a new mobile phone product launch conference such as Honor V40 5G. Officially launched the new V-series Honor V40. This is the first mobile phone product launched by Honor. Which was split last year. Attention of the person.

Currently, the Gadget Pixels has received the Rose Gold version of the Honor V40 mobile phone. What is the actual performance of the first mobile phone launched by Honor after independence. Is everyone worth starting with. Gadget Pixels will send you an experience evaluation report.

1. Appearance Design |

The overall design of the Honor V40 5G mobile phone uses a front and rear hyperboloid design. Which is common in current major mobile phones. The front of the phone is an excavator screen. Which has a front camera and temperature and light sensors. The screen ratio is 93.24%. At the same time, the 80 ° arc of the curved screen is relatively moderate. The waterfall is not as exaggerated as the screen.

A “rectangular space” design concept has been adopted behind the Honor V40 mobile phone. The most notable feature is the use of a different surface technology from other regions to visually separate the rectangular space parallel to the camera module.

honor v40 highlight matrix camera in hand

In the rectangular space, there are English descriptions of the camera module and the camera. They are on the left and right respectively. Which looks very sorted.

Honor v40 camera module description matrix camera and asph lens

In addition to the rectangular space, the entire back of the Honor V40 adopts a double-layer textured coating process. The two coatings present different light reflection assumptions. Obtain a fuzzy surface light with a sharp linear light on one layer and two different luminosities on the other. Mixed together, with an elegant rose gold color, it looks very warm.

Honor v40 5g rose gold color variant

Another embodiment of the double-layer coating process is the “HONOR” logo on the lower back. Shows a slightly tilted angle of view. Below the logo is a layer of “shadow”, which makes the back of the phone look three-dimensional.

honor branding highlight at back panel

Hardware |

The side of the phone is the middle frame of stainless steel, and the color of the middle frame is also light yellow. Which corresponds to the back of the phone. At the top of the middle frame is an antenna partition, microphone and infrared sensor, and at the bottom is a SIM card slot, USB Type-C port, microphone and speaker opening.

honor v40 5G highlight  middle frame is an antenna partition, microphone and infrared sensor

On the left side of the fuselage, the Honor V40 5G has only one antenna split. While the right side of the fuselage is the power button and volume button.

Honor v40 bottom is a SIM card slot, USB Type-C port, microphone and speaker opening

Dimensions and weight |

In terms of specifications and dimensions, the Honor V40 measures 163.07 × 74.26 × 8.04 mm, and weighs 189 grams. You can feel a certain weight in the hand, but it will never fall.

Honor v40 in hand experience

In general, there is sufficient recognition in the presence of the Honor V40. Its “rectangular space” and double-layer coating design reflect the unique aesthetic concept of this phone. At the same time, the overall workmanship of the phone is more sophisticated and solid, and its presence is online.

2. Honor V40 5G Screen experience |

The Honor V40 is equipped with a 6.72-inch curved OLED screen with a resolution of 1236×2676 and supports a 10-bit (8 + 2 bit) 1 billion primary color display. The color gamut The DCI-P3 can support wide color gamut with a contrast ratio of 5000000: 1. This screen also supports HDR10 display.

V40 is equipped with a 6.72-inch curved OLED screen with a resolution of 1236x2676

Apart from this, Honor V40 screen is also equipped with color restoration engine technology. Which can make color restoration more accurate. The image can automatically identify the P3 and SRGB source, pursuing true restoration of the source.

During the experience, the Gadget pixels marked the Honor V40’s screen quality, and measured its color gamut to 99.6% sRGB, 84.3% Adobe RGB and 89.9% DCI P3.

Display Color |

In terms of color accuracy, the average color deviation of Honor V40 5G measured by Gadget Pixels is 0.53. The highest color deviation value is 2.82, which is red. Overall, the color accuracy of this screen is very good.

 v40 5G Display basic information

In terms of grayscale display, the Gadget Pixels Honor V40 allows 256-level grayscale colors to be displayed. This can be seen from the screen. That Honor V40 exhibits delicate and natural grayscale from white and black. In fact, it seems so. That the transition between excessive black and white can also be achieved. see the difference.

Honor V40 allows 256-level grayscale colors to be displayed

In terms of viewing angle, the Gadget Pixels Honor V40 5G can be viewed approximately 90 ° vertically and 45 ° diagonally from two different viewing angles. There is a drawback, but the color doesn’t quite drift, and the viewing angle is good.

v40 viewed approximately 90 ° vertically and 45 ° diagonally from two different viewing angles

Given the effect of displaying real high-definition photos. You can see that the Honor V40’s screen color is bright and saturated, and the blue sky, green grass and trees look very bright.

v40 screen color is bright and saturated

At the same time, under the blessing of HDR10 display technology, the Honor V10’s shadow display in the tree backlight is also more delicate and rich in details.

honor v40 camera resolution, color gamut, color accuracy, etc

For another photo, the Honor V40’s screen has a more delicate display of color gradients, and with the support of 1236×2676 higher resolution, the display effect of the entire picture is even more detailed.

Honor v40 capture red cloud painting by camera and resolution, color gamut, color accuracy, etc.

In general, the screen quality of Honor V40 can be one of the main selling points of this phone. It performs relatively well in terms of resolution, color gamut, color accuracy, etc. You can use it for chasing plays, playing games etc. Get a good experience

3. Honor V40 5G Performance |

The Honor V40 is equipped with the Dimensity 1000+ flagship chip from MediaTek. This chip uses a 7nm process technology. The core architecture is an 8-core design with 4 Cortex-A77 large cores and 4 Cortex-A55 small cores. The GPU is Mali- G77, also equipped with an APU upgraded to version 3.0, has stronger AI performance.

At the system level, the Honor V40 GPU supports the Turbo X graphics acceleration engine. Which can release the capacity of the chip. The GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine can improve graphics computing capabilities through software and hardware collaboration technology. This allows computing resources to be prioritized by CPU and GPU resource exchanges, and AI model intelligent perception adjustment.

This game can control the rendering load throughout the process of rendering, controlling CPU / GPU / DDR bottlenecks. Automatically experiences game scene. Graphics rendering controls the load and resource supply. This reduces the overall load of graphics processing during the game, and can achieve higher levels in some games. The frame rate (120 Hz) is constant without dropping frames.


At the same time, the Honor V40 also supports a global 120Hz super-sensing screen display engine with a 300Hz touch sampling rate. So that users can always maintain a smooth and silky screen and fast operation rate during the game.

Honor V40 5G Gaming Performance |

In actual testing, the Gadget Pixels used the “Peace Elite” game to do the test for the first time. At approximately 20 minutes of playing time, the Honor V40 runs the “Peace Elite” in absolute high quality. The average frame rate can reach 39.8fps (full frame 40fps). The entire game process can be guaranteed to be smooth and uninterrupted, and there is no apparent degradation. Frame position.

Honor v40 Gaming experience frame rate can reach 39.8fps (full frame 40fps)
 temperature could reach 38.8 ° C

At the end of the game, the Gadget Pixels measured that the highest temperature of the Honor V40 phone was near the rear camera module, and the temperature could reach 38.8 ° C. If you hold it in your hand. So, you will feel the phone warm, but not hot.

average frame rate of the Honor V40 can reach 59.6fps

The editor then tested “Honor of Kings” and played for about 13 minutes at the highest quality. The average frame rate of the Honor V40 can reach 59.6fps, which is very smooth overall.

Honor temperature could reach 38.8 ° C heat testing

To allow users to get a better gaming performance experience, the Honor V40 also supports a customized version of the Honor Game Assistant. The game is built into assistive system. Open the game, it can be started automatically.

The Glory customized version of Game Assistant has a specially customized UI theme. The Hunter Boost Hunter game supports the full-blood engine, and allows the phone to fully release its performance capability during gaming.

Honor Mobile Assistant supports functions such as increasing the display and 4D Vibration, especially 4D Vibration. Which can bring more immersing gaming experience. In addition to the 4D vibration for games such as “Glory of the King”, the game can improve the comprehension effect of the characters.

Of course, Honor Game Assistant can also prevent users from playing irrelevant information while playing the game, and can also optimize three-party call notifications. Supports the caller’s picture-in-picture and party perfectly.

4. Photo exposure Experience |

The Honor V40 has a rear three-camera imaging system. Which includes 50MP super-sensitive main camera, 8MP ultra-pixels-angle camera and 2MP macro camera. As well as a laser focus sensor, the TEC camera is 16MP.

Among these, the 50MP main camera features a 1 / 1.56-inch flagship super-large sensor, 25% larger than the Honor V30Pro 1 / 1.7-inch area. Additionally, it is also a RYYB ultra-sensitive battery. Is of ordinary sensor. 40% increase in light input as compared.

In terms of real photo effects, the Gadget Pixels also tested it. There is a brightly lit environment during the first day. The Honor V40’s straight pictures have clear pictures, and the colors are slightly flat, making it look real.

Honor v40 Building capture by camera distant building is still clearly visible

Zoom Experience |

After zooming the photo, the mark of “remote glory” on the distant building is still clearly visible. This shows that the photo has a good resolution.

Honor v40 building capture with 2x zoom

Since there is no telephoto lens, the “2X” zoom of the viewfinder interface is achieved by zooming in and cropping 50 million high-pixel images. Under the 2x zoom, the Honor V40’s shooting picture clarity and detail is still satisfactory, and the imaging style is inherently similar to that in standard mode.

Honor v40 camera capture building on the other side is blocked off, creating a backlit area in the photo

Subsequently, the editor changed a scene with relatively strong light contrast. The sun shines on one side of the road. The building on the other side is blocked off, creating a backlit area in the photo. In the pictures of the Honor V40, whether it is a directly sun-facing high-light area on the right or a hotel building backlit on the left, the brightness and details are well balanced. it can be seen that. That Honor V40’s imaging performs well in terms of dynamic range.

pictures of the Honor V40, whether it is a directly sun-facing high-light area

However, in this photo, we can also see the traces of the algorithm HDR. Which is mainly reflected in purple in large light area. There is still room for improvement in the algorithm of multi-frame synthesis.

Honor v40 capture flower shot

With a 2-megapixel macro camera, the Honor V40 can also take macro photos. As can be seen from the sample below. Honor V40 can focus and shoot at very close distances. However, 2 million pixels is a bit inadequate in terms of screen resolution.

Night-Shot |

The time came at night, and the Gadget Pixels took a picture at the intersection of the downtown area. In light conditions at night, the brightness and accuracy of Honor V40 sample images is acceptable, and the dynamic range is also good. There is no obvious highlight in the small signs of the interior of the mall and store across the street.

night shot of road on the cars, the brightness and accuracy of Honor V40

When the photo is zoomed in. So the street signs, advertisements and other text on the other side of the road are not confusing, and is on a resolvable line at night.

street night-shot night, the brightness and accuracy of Honor V40

The Honor V40 also supports night scene photo mode, and Gadget Pixels also took a set of comparative photos. In standard mode, the Honor V40 still retains good picture brightness and precision. But some noise is visible in the highlight area in the lower left corner.

Building night-shot night, the brightness and accuracy of Honor V40

Turn on night view photo mode. Wait about 7 seconds for the shutter to take a picture, and then you can get a better overall look and feel. In the night view mode, the brightness and accuracy of the photo is greatly improved. The noise area in the lower left corner, noise is also significantly suppressed.

Video Shooting Experience |

In terms of video shooting, the Honor V40 has a more practical function. That is, 3mic recording zoom, i.e. when shooting video, the sound will change the directionality as the focus of the screen. For example, in the video below, when the image is on the square. So the Honor V40 can convey three-dimensional sound around the video, and when the focus of the picture goes to that scene. The sound waves where the waves hit the coast will become the “main sound”. And as the picture comes in, the sound of the waves will intensify.

Video shooting experiences by honor v40

This video recording and recording zoom function can help users to shoot more cinematic videos, and is also very suitable for some Vloggers. When they shoot some conversation videos. So the voice of the person facing the picture is the clearest. Shooting effect will be greatly improved.

Night video shoot experience by  v40 5G

Generally, the Honor V40’s imaging capability is at a qualifying level. Which cannot be called amazing. But the shooting effect is basically satisfactory.

Other shooting proofs of Honor V40 are as follows:

5. Honor V40 5G System experience |

Although Honor has become independent, the Honor V40 is still equipped with the Magic UI 4.0 system based on Android 10. In terms of UI design and functional usage, the overall and previous Honor phones are not much different.

In terms of system interface, the Honor V40 is still what we are familiar with in the design language between color and smart color matching, quasi-object and flat. Everything is the same as before.

The system account still maintains the original account system, and users are not required to register a new account. At the same time, the app that comes with the Honor V40 Magic UI 4.0 system is no different from the original. Which includes smart life etc., which is also the original style.

Honor v40’s UI experience |

Honor V40’s Magic UI 4.0 also has a wealth of system functions. The first thing I want to talk about is the new smart AOD (interface display).

On the Honor V40, there are a variety of individual AOD screens to choose from, touch the screen, touch the phone’s picture. The signature, style can be customized, and you can also set live photos and gifs taken as AOD.

Ui experience in hand

At the same time, when you face the color scheme of your choice. So turn on the camera to take pictures, and then you can set your favorite color scheme to AOD.

Another useful feature of Magic UI 4.0 is AI subtitles. This function can realize real-time translation of videos into English, Japanese and Korean through AI video source analysis. (Some functions require later system upgrade support), and automatically synchronizes subtitles translated into Chinese into videos without waiting for subtitle group processing. Very useful for American and Japanese TV series friends.

The Honor V40 also supports that smart multi-window function. With which we are familiar. When in use, slide and hover over the edge of the phone screen to call the smart multi-window sidebar, and then select the application you want to split the screen in the sidebar. Drag it to the main screen area to achieve this. split screen.

Floating window Experience |

You can also change the application to a floating window. The Honor V40 5G can add two application floating windows at the same time, and the size of the floating window can be adjusted. If more applications are added to the floating window. Then additional applications will be stored in the floating ball. Which is convenient for switching queuing applications at any time in a suspended window.

In addition, the “Memo” application that comes with the Honor V40 has also been newly upgraded. It can now call the camera to scan documents and make document corrections after scanning. At the same time, the new “memo” also supports the extraction of text from photographs for two. It is very easy to use after editing and saving as PDF, Word, TXT, HTML and other formats.

In short, if you were a user of Honor mobile phones. So for the Honor V40, you can basically switch to the system software level basically. The overall user experience is also relatively good.

6. Charge and endurance test |

The Honor V40 is equipped with a 4000mAh (typical price) battery and supports 66W wired fast charging. The Gadget Pixels tested the charging speed of the Honor V40. it can be seen that. That the charging speed of this phone is very fast. Starting from zero, it can be charged up to 47% in 15 minutes, and it only takes 37 minutes to fully charge.

In terms of battery life, Gadget Pixels also conducted a 3-hour battery life test. Prior to testing, the editor kept the phone’s initial battery level at 100%, screen brightness and system volume at 50%, and the mobile data network was turned on. The performance of Honor V40 in endurance test is as follows:

  • 15 minutes of web page viewing, 1% power consumption;
  • Scan the Weibo for 15 minutes and consume 2% power;
  • 15 minutes talk, power consumption 1%;
  • Wearing headphones to listen to music for 20 minutes, consumes 2% power;
  • Wear headphones to play 1080p video online for 45 minutes and consume 6% power;
  • Play the game “Peace Elite” with headphones for 30 minutes and consume 12% power;
  • Use WeChat for 20 minutes (10 minutes to chat, 10 minutes to scan moments), power consumption 3%;
  • Brushing in an Gadget Pixels for 20 minutes consumes 2% power.
  • After a 180-minute battery life test, the Honor V40 has 71% battery power, which is excellent in battery life.

Summary |

As the first mobile phone launched by Honor after independence, the Honor V40 is a comprehensive online product. Which features unique ID design, excellent screen, powerful fast charging and similar system functions as in the past. The advantages of this phone, of course, in terms of image and performance, there is still room for improvement. But for the present glory, in fact, the overall experience has exceeded my expectations, and it can be said. That present glory may be presented to consumers. Optimal configuration, performance and experience combination.

I think it is worth buying. That if you’re not an “extreme parameter party”, the Honor V40 deserves further consideration.


Key Specs

ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 1000 Plus MT6889Z
Rear Camera50 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP
Front Camera32 MP + 16 MP
Battery4000 mAh
Display6.72 inches
Launch DateApril 15, 2021 (Expected)
Also Known AsHonor V40 5G
Operating SystemAndroid v10 (Q)
Custom UIMagic UI
SIM Slot(s)Dual SIM, GSM+GSM
SIM SizeSIM1: Nano
SIM2: Nano
Network5G: Supported by device (network not rolled-out in India),
4G: Available (supports Indian bands),
3G: Available, 2G: Available
Fingerprint Sensoryes
Quick Chargingyes


ColoursTitanium Silver, Midnight Black, Rose Gold


Screen Size6.72 inches (17.07 cm)
Screen Resolution1236 x 2676 pixels
Aspect Ratio19.5:9
Bezel-less displayyes with punch-hole display
Pixel Density439 ppi
Display TypeOLED
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Touch Screenyes Capacitive Touchscreen, Multi-touch


ChipsetMediaTek Dimensity 1000 Plus MT6889Z
ProcessorOcta core (2.6 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A77 + 2 GHz, Quad core, Cortex A55)
Architecture64 bit
GraphicsMali-G77 MC9


Internal Memory128 GB
Expandable Memoryno No
Camera SetupTriple
Resolution50 MP f/1.8, Wide Angle Primary Camera(23 mm focal length, 1.28″ sensor size, 1.22µm pixel size)8 MP f/2.2, Wide Angle, Ultra-Wide Angle Camera(17 mm focal length)2 MP f/2.4, Macro Camera
SensorCMOS image sensor
Autofocusyes Phase Detection autofocus, Laser autofocus
Physical ApertureF1.8
Optical Image Stabilisationyes
Flashyes LED Flash
Image Resolution8150 x 6150 Pixels
SettingsExposure compensation, ISO control
Shooting ModesContinuos Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR)
Camera FeaturesDigital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus
Video Recording3840×2160 @ 30 fps, 1920×1080 @ 60 fps
Camera SetupDual
Resolution32 MP f/2.0, Wide Angle Primary Camera(26 mm focal length, 2.8″ sensor size, 0.8µm pixel size)16 MP f/2.2 Camera
Physical ApertureF2.0
Video Recording3840×2160 @ 30 fps


Capacity4000 mAh
User Replaceableno No
Wireless Chargingyes
Quick Chargingyes Fast, 66W: 60 % in 15 minutes
USB Type-Cyes
Network & Connectivity
SIM SizeSIM1: Nano, SIM2: Nano
Network Support5G supported by device (network not rolled-out in India), 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, 2G
SIM 14G Bands:TD-LTE 2300(band 40)
FD-LTE 1800(band 3)3G Bands:UMTS 1900 / 2100 / 850 / 900 MHz2G Bands:GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz
SIM 24G Bands:TD-LTE 2300(band 40)
FD-LTE 1800(band 3)3G Bands:UMTS 1900 / 2100 / 850 / 900 MHz2G Bands:GSM 1800 / 1900 / 850 / 900 MHz
Wi-Fiyes Wi-Fi 802.11, ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz
Wi-Fi FeaturesMobile Hotspot
Bluetoothyes v5.1
GPSyes with A-GPS, Glonass
USB ConnectivityMass storage device, USB charging


Audio JackUSB Type-C

 Special Features

Fingerprint Sensoryes
Fingerprint Sensor PositionOn-screen
Fingerprint Sensor TypeOptical
Other SensorsLight sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope

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