Intel 11th Generation Core Desktop Processor Released: New Architecture, 19% IPC Improvement

News from Gadget Pixels, March 16, Today, Intel released an Intel 11th Generation core desktop processor. Using a new core architecture, IPC has brought improvements up to 19%. As well as a new generation of nuclear display and Intel Deep Learning Technology blessings.

Gadget Pixels learned that the desktop processor (code-named “Rocket Lake-S”) of the 11th-generation Intel Core S Series includes its flagship product Intel Core i9-11900K. With Intel Thermal Velocity Boost technology, the Intel Core i9-11900K can achieve turbo frequency up to 5.3GHz.

The 11th-generation Intel Core S-Series desktop processors use the new Cypress Cove architecture. Which is designed to reopen hardware and software efficiency and improve the game’s core performance. The new architecture can achieve generation-by-generation performance improvements of up to 19% IPC (instructions per clock) and ultra-high frequency cores. At the same time, it uses an Intel Ultra Core graphics card equipped with Intel X Graphics graphics architecture. Rich media and smart graphics functions.

In addition, the 11th generation Intel Core desktop processors bring new overclocking tools and features. Which can increase tuning flexibility, achieve faster speeds, and better gaming performance. This generation of products also offers many excellent features. Such as real-time memory overclocking (supports real-time change of DDR4 frequency). Extended memory overclocking support for H570 and B560 chipsets (supports more Intel user experience overclocking function), enhanced vector extension.

Instruction set (AVX) 2 and AVX-512 voltage guard band fixed adjustment mode and a new integrated memory controller that supports a wider range of timing and gear 2. (Also supports Gear 1). Up to 20 PCIe4.0 channels, with DDR4-3200 MHz support, Intel Rapid Video Sync technology, enhanced media (10-bit AV1 / 12-bit high-efficiency video encoding, decoding and end-to-end compression), enhanced Display Integrated HDMI2. 0, HBR3) and independent Thunderbolt 4 and Intel Wi-Fi 6E support and more features. The new 11th-generation Intel Core S-Series desktop processors can deliver rich media experiences ranging from AAA-level games to high-definition live. Broadcasting.

11th generation Intel Core desktop processor model price list:

Intel 11th Generation Core Desktop Processor Full List
Intel 11th Generation Core Desktop Processor Full List
Intel 11th Generation Core Desktop Processor Full List

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