Lenovo’s 2022 Savior Y7000P / Y9000P gaming notebook performance mode supports step-less adjustment

Lenovo’s 2022 Savior Y7000P / Y9000P gaming notebook performance mode supports step-less adjustment: Gadget Pixels reported on January 19th, according to the official news from Lenovo Savior, the performance mode of the 2022 Savior Y7000P and Y9000P gaming notebooks supports step-less adjustment.

The performance modes of the Lenovo Savior default to quiet mode, balanced mode, and beast mode. In addition to the three default modes, users can also make infinite adjustments in custom modes.

In addition, Lenovo recently announced that the 2022 game product will have three modes: direct connection of independent display, mixed output, and pure integrated display. In the independent display direct connection mode, the independent display will be directly output to the screen, which has stronger performance; the IGPU mode only enables the nuclear display, which saves more power; the hybrid output mode will automatically switch the independent display or the nuclear display output according to the task type, taking into account the battery life and performance.

Gadget Pixels learned that at this year’s CES, Lenovo released a new generation of Y7000P, Y9000P, R7000P, R9000P gaming laptops, optional Ryzen 6000H, and 12th-generation Core H-series processors, and NVIDIA’s latest RTX 3070 Ti graphics card. At present, Lenovo has not announced the domestic release time of the new game.

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