Microsoft is developing a new Windows 10 store that is open to all apps and games, even without a share

Latest news come from Microsoft, Microsoft developing windows 10 new app store, Microsoft is overhauling its Windows 10 store. Windows Central reported that Microsoft plans to release an update store later this year. Which will be more open for all types of apps and games. This can pave the way for developers to store any Windows app in the store. Which includes browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, and even allows third-party business payment platforms to remain present in the app.

If Microsoft acquires this rumor later this year. So this will be a big shift for the store on Windows. Currently, the Windows Store, or Microsoft Store, requires developers to package their Win32 applications in MSIX and use Microsoft’s own update mechanisms and business platforms. Microsoft will reportedly allow developers to offer the store’s standard EXE or MSI packages and manage updates through the developer’s own content delivery network (CDN).

The change will open the Windows app for more apps. Including popular apps such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite, Productivity Apps, and even rival browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft launched its own Windows Package Manager last year. Which has become a great option for apps in the store today. Apps such as Steam, WinRAR and Zoom are not currently available in the Windows Store. But they are available through the Windows Package Manager.

The current Windows 10 store still lacks many popular applications.

It seems that no matter what Microsoft does. It is possible to combine the company’s work with Windows Package Manager to validate and store applications. Microsoft currently uses several methods to validate its Windows Package Manager applications, including scanning, static analysis, and SHA256 hash verification, using its smart package technology.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is considering allowing third-party business payment platforms. Which also means that the company will not get a share from the developers. Who use their own app purchase system. This is another major change for the current App Store. Which would be a surprising and open change.

Gadget Pixels was informed. The Windows Store first appeared on Windows 8 as part of Microsoft’s push. Helping developers build UWP universal apps on phones, tablets, PCs, and even Xbox consoles. It collapsed with the end of Windows Phone, and Microsoft allowed developers to bring full local Win32 games to the Microsoft Store about two years ago. Developers have been calling for these horse changes in the Windows Store for years. So that it is easy for the app to come into the store and maintain and update them.

It is said that Microsoft is planning to bring many of its apps to the new Windows Store. Which includes Teams, Office, Edge and Visual Studio. The new store is said to be part of a major update to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Sun Valley later this year. Microsoft has previously described it as “the complete visual renaissance of Windows”. Which should include major upgrades to menus, file finders, built-in applications, and more.

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