Microsoft Windows 10 new bug exposed: This new bug Crashes your pc

Microsoft Windows 10 new bug has exposed when your browser access to a specific path immediately blue screen of death.

News from Gadget Pixels, January 19 Foreign media BleepingComputer reported that a bug in Windows 10 could crash the operating system. As long as you open a path in the browser address bar. Or use other Windows commands. By then a blue screen of death will appear.

Last week, a Windows security researcher has revealed two bugs on Twitter. Which can be misused in various attacks.

The first bug allows an unauthorized user or program to enter a command. Causing NTFS hard disks to be marked as damaged. However, in several tests, ChocDask solved this problem. A test of foreign media showed that this command would damage the hard disk and make Windows unable to start.

Microsoft Windows 10 new bug blue screen error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION
BSOD caused by accessing the \\.\globalroot\device\condrv\kernelconnect

The second bug crashed Windows 10 when simply trying to open an unusual path to execute BSOD.

Gadget Pixels has learned that since October last year, Windows security researcher Jonas Lykegaard has repeatedly posted a path on Twitter. When entered in the address bar of the Chrome browser. So it can immediately crash Windows 10 and will display BSOD (Blue Screen). Accident).

When developers want to interact directly with Windows devices. So they can pass the path to the Win32 device namespace as a parameter for various Windows programming tasks. For example, it allows applications to directly interact with physical disks without passing through the file system.

Microsoft Windows 10 new bug crashes your PC when you access this location |

Lykegaard said he found the Win32 device namespace path of the following “console multiplex driver”, which he believes. That it is used for “kernel / user mode IPC”. When the path is opened in various ways. Even then a less-privileged user can crash Windows 10.


When connecting to this device, the developer must pass the “Attach” extended attribute to communicate properly with the device.

Lykegaard found that if you try to join the path due to improper testing without passing attributes. So this will cause an exception. Causing Windows 10 to experience a BSOD crash.

windows 10 bug \\.\globalroot\device\condrv\kernelconnect

To make matters worse, less-privileged Windows users may try to use this path to connect to the device. This makes it easy for any program executed on the computer to crash Windows 10.

In testing, it has been confirmed that this bug exists in Windows 10 version 1709 and later.

Earlier, BleepingComputer asked Microsoft and received the following response.

“Microsoft has followed up on its promise to customers and has investigated reported security issues. We will provide updates to the affected devices as soon as possible.”

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