Microsoft Windows 10 Terminal will soon become the default terminal for command-line applications

Gadget Pixels News On May 28, foreign media Windows Latest reported that the Windows Terminal command line tool has been around for some time. This allows users to create multiple labels for various command-line tools on Windows 10. For example, you can use Windows Terminal to access the command prompt or PowerShell at the same time, and use the tab layout to switch between tools.

Microsoft Windows 10 Terminal default setup overview

Gadget Pixels is informed. That Windows terminal provides greater customization. In which background and other functions can be modified according to personal preferences. Microsoft has recently started testing the new settings UI. Allowing users to customize other advanced settings. Such as the default command-line tool.

Microsoft is now developing a new feature. Which allows you to set Windows Terminal as the default terminal for Windows 10. When the terminal is set as the default emulator. So command line applications such as command prompt and PowerShell will be opened in the terminal.

This feature is currently online in a preview version of Windows 10, and can be found in the console properties. As shown in the screenshot below.

Microsoft Windows 10 command prompt properties overview

If you do not find this option in the properties of the console. So please go to the new settings interface of the Windows Terminal Preview version and choose “Terminal” as the default terminal application.

microsoft windows 10 terminal default setup

The terminal will get Quake mode

Quake mode is another new feature. Which will allow you to access the terminal window from anywhere in the operating system. To access the terminal instance, you have to enter Win + `and the window will appear at the top of the screen.

However, when keyboard shortcuts are bundled with other functions. This function will not work if you use applications such as PowerToys.

Microsoft is also working on other improvements and features of the Windows terminal.

Operation page. The terminal has been updated, and there is a new “Operation” page on the Settings page. This page makes it easy to change your Windows Terminal’s keyboard shortcuts.

New configuration file. The new page in the settings interface will help you create a new configuration file in the terminal.

Customize. Now you can preview your changes in the settings interface.

In the preview version of Windows 10, Microsoft is also testing support for the new task manager icon. Which will be included in the Sun Valley UI update.

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