Microsoft Windows 11 Leak preview version image released ahead of schedule With ISO download

On June 16 that a developer on the domestic platform leaked Microsoft new Windows 11 English preview version last night. It can be confirmed that Microsoft Windows 11 is indeed the official name, although there is not much change. According to Microsoft’s release rules, it will be promoted to global users later this year.

As part of the Windows Sun Valley update, the new Windows 11 brings us a different interface UI upgrade, but in fact the functionality is still classic.

It is worth mentioning that the well-known big v @Zac Bowden revealed: This is not the final version of Win11, and there are still many UI updates that have not been implemented.

Micorsft Windows 11 Installation interface

Micorsft Windows 11 installation Interface
Micorsft Windows 11 installation

New startup logo

Micorsft Windows 11  New Startup Logo

New desktop experience-taskbar widgets and start menu

Micorsft Windows 11 New desktop experience-taskbar widgets and start menu

The still alive control panel

Microsoft Windows The still alive control panel

Changed UI search

windows 11 new search UI

Other parts:

Microsoft Windows 11 new xbox store Ui
Microsoft Windows 11 new xbox design
Microsoft Windows 11  New File explorer
Microsoft Windows 11  New concept
Microsoft Windows 11 New Start Menu
windows 11 Privacy setting new customization
Microsoft Windows 11  New user inteface and design
new keyboard layout
region User interface and customization
Microsoft Windows 11 About
Microsoft Windows 11 New Start menu And pin
Microsoft Windows 11 new customization
new file explorer in windows 11
new about in microsft windows 11

Windows 11 brings a lot of rounded UI, and it is reasonable to add a lot of Windows 10X interface designs that have been cut off, the most notable of which is the taskbar and start menu displayed in the center, the dynamic tile disappears completely, and the start menu is used New icon.

In addition, the new start menu has an acrylic background effect, and allows users to fix frequently used icons on the top and “recommendations” on the bottom. The visual inspection function is similar to the “recent files” in the explorer.

In addition to the icon centered, a new button widgets has been added to the taskbar. When opened, widgets will be displayed. What you can experience at present is the recent poor reputation of “News and Interests”. Compared with the widgets in the Win7 period, Win11 The small components of will be stored in a card interface, and the icons are generally beautiful.

It is worth mentioning that the search interface also has a slight layout change, and it is suspended above the taskbar in the form of a card.

In other respects, the operation center seems to have only added rounded corners, and the banner reminder that often pops up in the lower right corner has also been slightly changed. The UI of the right-click menu has also been improved, with rounded corners and larger spacing, the acrylic effect is cut off, and the jump list has an acrylic effect, a demonstration of floating cards, and a rounded corner UI.

The biggest feature of this version is suspension except for rounded corners, especially the new window adsorption method. In any window, right-click the “full screen” button to select the position of the window adsorption, which perfectly integrates the fancyzone function in powertoys, and allows up and down split screens in portrait mode.

The task view interface has been slightly changed, and the timeline has been completely removed; the animation and sound effects have been upgraded, which are much softer than Windows 10; and the touch screen interaction function of Windows 11 has also been greatly improved. The tablet mode has been cancelled but the interaction of various controls has been increased. It also provides a large number of gesture support; Windows ink fine-tuned to support more applications.

The following is the download link (this is the English version, if you are not familiar with the installation process, please install it as appropriate. After the installation is complete, you can install the Chinese language pack by yourself)

Version name:

Windows 11 Consumer Edition (including Home Edition/Professional Edition/Professional Workstation/Home Single Language Edition.

File name:


System language: United States-English (en-us)

File size: 4.76GB

Release time: 2021-06-15 (Leak time is not compile time)

Microsoft Windows 11 iso Downloads (refresh for latest links)

SHA-1 value:

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