Microsoft Windows 11 redesigned version of Microsoft Defender will be released soon

Microsoft Windows 11 redesigned version of Microsoft Defender will be released soon: On February 8 that Microsoft has been developing a cross-platform Microsoft Defender client for Windows 11 , Windows 10 , macOS, Android and iOS. This revamped app based on Web Components (WebView) will help consumers stay on top of antivirus, malware scanning, phishing, leaked passwords, and more.

The official store description of the app says that Microsoft Defender is a security app that gives you peace of mind. Microsoft says the new app comes with a personalized dashboard where you can view the security status of your Windows devices and other connected devices in one place.

Microsoft appears to have gotten a head start by releasing an early preview build of Windows Defender, effectively confirming what we can expect once the security app reaches the Windows Insider program — likely in the next few weeks.

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The preview version of Microsoft Defender was updated earlier today to support signing in with a personal Microsoft account, based on testing. Currently, Microsoft Defender Preview is not available outside the US, and most features are currently unavailable.

Based on the code reference, we know that the Microsoft Defender preview app, codenamed Gibraltar, has been available to Microsoft employees for some time.

We also did some research and found signs that this new application will not replace the existing Microsoft Defender solution in Windows. Unlike the existing Defender client, this new app will only cover basic security threats, and it’s supposed to serve as a dashboard, not a malware removal tool.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, the Microsoft Defender preview will let you log in with any account, so it will be possible to add family members to the dashboard and get a security overview of all connected devices. You will be able to invite family members using a QR code, and users will be asked to install a mobile or desktop app.

Of course, the Security Dashboard is more comprehensive if your connected device is running Windows. For the rest of the devices, you can monitor alert notifications for password leaks, malware alerts, theft issues, and more.

Microsoft Defender Preview has no official release date yet, but it will hit Windows 10 and Windows 11 Closed Beta previews in a few weeks or months.

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