Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade service has entered the final push phase ahead of schedule, with more than 90% of PCs pre-installed windows 11 in the next three months

Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade enters the final push phase ahead of schedule: On January 29 news, recently, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay released the “Welcome to the Pc Era” article, which mentioned that when considering what is driving such structural changes in the demand and use of PCs, we see three trends that continue to develop: the rise of hybrid office and learning, the transformation of entertainment habits and distribution models, and the change of daily consumption habits.

Microsoft said that the PC market has ushered in the largest growth in nearly 10 years, with more than 340 million PC shipments worldwide in 2021, an increase of 27% compared to 2019, according to Canalys. Today, there are more than 1.4 billion Windows-enabled devices active each month, a 10% increase in total Windows runtime compared to before the pandemic. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Windows occupied a significant position in the overall market, according to user insights research, and we saw an increase of nearly 50% in the number of users planning to use PCs for authoring, gaming, or office. At the same time, we’re seeing organizations, schools, and family members realize the value of the PC for everyone.

Microsoft said that in response to the ongoing supply chain challenges, when we launched Windows 11, we mobilized chip manufacturers, OEMs, retailers and other partners across the industry to ensure that more users who want to replace new PCs, including commercial and educational customers, can get what they want this winter. As of press time, there are more than 200 PCs pre-installed with Windows 11 in the Chinese consumer market, reaching 50% of the number of sales. Over the next 3 months, we expect consumers to see more than 90% of PCs come preinstalled with Windows 11.

Microsoft said that since Windows 11 began to be pushed in October last year, we have seen strong demand and love for Windows 11, and as everyone has accepted the upgrade service of Windows 11, the upgrade process of Windows 11 is better than the previous Windows 10 Upgrades are twice as fast. Windows 11 also received the highest quality rating and product satisfaction of any of our windows in history. Product quality is a big focus for Microsoft, and after a series of deliberations, we have taken a phased approach to upgrading. Today, we’re excited to tell you that the Windows 11 upgrade service has advanced to the final push phase, and the original plan was to achieve this goal by mid-2022. Compared to Windows 10, people spend 40% more time using Windows 11 PCs. The versatility and productivity of Windows PCs have been unleashed, with nearly half of Windows 11 users using the new Snap Layout.

Microsoft says Windows 11 also attracts 3x more traffic for the redesigned Microsoft Store. Based on an open platform, we announced a new Microsoft Store policy last year to create more monetization opportunities for creators and developers, which not only opens up opportunities for new apps, but also paves the way for new stores like Amazon and Epic Games. We are heartened by customer and partner feedback on the new Microsoft Store.

Microsoft said that one of the big advantages of the Windows platform is that it provides a vast and open ecosystem that provides people with a wealth of choices. Today, the Windows ecosystem encompasses hardware, software, applications, peripherals, and more, and is more powerful than ever.

Microsoft says that since the launch of Windows 11, our OEMs and chip partners have launched a series of vibrant Windows 11 PC products, and Surface has ushered in the largest product update ever. Recently at CES, our partners AMD, Dell, Qualcomm, Acer, Asus, HP, Razer, Lenovo, Intel showcased exciting PC and chip innovations, and AMD and Lenovo also released the first Microsoft Pluton PC device, providing our customers with greater security and more choice.

Microsoft said we will continue to upgrade Windows to meet the changing needs of our customers. With Windows 365, we’re moving Windows to the cloud, so employees can enjoy a secure, smooth Windows experience on any device. Windows 11 SE enables schools to have a simple, pristine environment that meets the unique needs of K-8 students.

Microsoft said that next month, we will bring a new experience to Windows, including a public preview version, allowing users to use Android applications on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store with the support of Microsoft’s cooperation with Amazon and Intel; the taskbar will also be updated, adding voice mute and unmute capabilities, as well as more convenient window sharing features, and weather services. In addition, we’ll be launching two redesigned apps – Notepad and Media Player.

Windows has always been at the heart of Microsoft’s innovation, a destination for gaming, creation, and exploration, as well as a gateway to the metaverse.

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