Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 preview released, the interface further beautified

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.7 was released yesterday, and according to official release practice, the 1.8 preview arrives at the same time when the 1.7 release is released.

The Windows Terminal 1.8 preview is primarily a small change from 1.7 to optimize the experience of setting up the UI, and so on.

Gadget Pixels understands that the 1.8 preview is manually installed on the GitHub page.

Set the UI to configure the default open method:

Users can access the settings UI by clicking the Settings button in the drop-down menu or by entering “Ctrl plus Comma”. The experience of setting up the UI is still improving.

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 default setup

Shift and click: Open a profile in a new window

The user can now press and hold shift and click the profile in the drop-down menu to open the profile in a new window.

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 customization

Style when focus is lost:

Users can add the “unfocused Appearance” object to the JSON object of their profile and specify skin settings in it. These skin settings are enabled when the window loses focus.

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 comparison

Window naming:

The terminal window naming feature has been added, using the method click here to see .

Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 Set up UI updates:

  • Font face dropdown: Users can use the drop-down menu instead of entering a font name to select a font style. This drop-down menu also has filters for monospaced fonts and non-monospaced fonts.
Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.8 font style
  • Remove base layer: Due to some schema conflicts with JSON fragment extensions, the development team decided to remove the base layer page from the Settings UI. It is currently planning other ways to edit all profiles at once using the settings UI. Users can still use the “defaults” section of the settings.json file as a temporary method.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a crash on launch that you would encounter when running terminal unpackaged (#9893)

As a note: unpackaged activation receives only best-effort support. A package manager that is relying on it is not using a fully-supported activation path for Terminal.

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