Microsoft’s Windows 10 design refresh revealed in leaked screenshots

Microsoft’s hints that Windows 10 visual design (ui elements) will be upgraded and Younger, Windows is back. Gadget Pixels News On January 4, foreign media reported the latest Windows. According to that previous news, the Windows 10 21H2 “Sun Valley UI” update will be a major event for this operating system. After Microsoft has now announced the new document, it is. Finally received official confirmation.

According to many rumors, the desktop interface of Microsoft’s Windows 10 will get a face lift in the 2021 “Sun Valley” update. It has been reported that Microsoft will also make “significant” improvements to the “Start” menu. And other option such as Operation Center, Taskbar and Windows applications.

In a new job information discovered by foreign media, Microsoft has confirmed. That Windows 10 will return to the consumer market with “dramatic” visual design changes.

Windows 10 are focused on the business market |

You may have noticed that the last few major updates of Windows 10 are focused on the business market. There are better than nothing for some users. Through the “Sun Valley” update, Microsoft hopes to ensure this. That Windows should be considered the most suitable operating system for consumers.

“In this team, you will plan to rejuvenate a comprehensive view of the Windows experience. Your partners and signal to our customers that Windows is back, and ensure that Windows has user operations. For customers’ system experience Considered the best. ” Microsoft is described in the recruitment information.

The Gadget pixels learned that Microsoft is not ready to discuss specific content. But made it clear that it “intends to create a pleasant, elegant and dignified experience for the future of Windows.”

Microsoft is working hard to ensure this. Microsoft’s major upgrades to Windows 10 are integrated with other aesthetic changes. Which the company has brought to its product line. Over the past few months, the software manufacturer has added WinUI-related features to the operating system to facilitate upcoming design improvements.

Windows 10 Right Click Context Menu Redesign Concept

In software development, especially in the Microsoft’s Windows development cycle, developers and insiders will test the preview version of the software before giving it a try to common users.

According to sources, the Microsoft’s Windows 10 21H2 (Sun Valley) update has finally reached the “test” level, and a preview version may be released in late February with minor UI improvements.

According to Microsoft’s general development and testing phase, the Insider build should be the final testing phase to reach the public. If the final public beta goes well. So we hope. That Microsoft will sign the RTM candidate version in the summer and bring the Sun Valley update to users as soon as possible.

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