NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR series graphics card is coming soon, equipped with GAxx2 chip

Latest News for NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR series graphics card is coming soon but there is an Limited mining version. According to VideoCardz, Nvido has provided its partners with information about the GAxx2 chip, which will be equipped with a new cryptocurrency mining limiter and support RezisableBAR without the need for a vBIOS update.

Foreign media said VTech expects GAxx2 series chips to start shipping in mid-May. VTech has no plans to separate the LHR (low mining efficiency) chip from the current model. With the same name as the new and old models, the GPU seeing and graphics monitoring tools should be able to identify it.

Foreign media said that VTech has made it clear. That the new chip will provide the same game performance as the existing graphics card. With the quiet launch of the RTX 30 LHR series, the supply of ampere graphics cards is expected to improve.

Foreign media also said that the RTX 3090 will be replaced with the GA102-302 GPU. But will not limit the efficiency of mining. Because the card price is very high, mining profitability is not high with it.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Roadmap
Q3 2020Q4 2020Q1 2021Q2 2021
GeForce RTX 3090GA102-300PG163/PG132 SKU 30GeForce RTX 3090GA102-302PG163/PG132 SKU ??
GeForce RTX 3080 TiGA102-250PG132 SKU 18
GeForce RTX 3080GA102-200PG133/PG132 SKU 10GeForce RTX 3080GA102-202PG133/PG132 SKU ??
GeForce RTX 3070 TiGA104-400PG141 SKU 10
GeForce RTX 3070GA104-300PG142 SKU 10GeForce RTX 3070GA104-302PG141 SKU ??
GeForce RTX 3060 TiGA104-200PG190/PG142 SKU 20GeForce RTX 3060 TiGA104-200PG190/PG142 SKU ??
GeForce RTX 3060GA106-300PG190 SKU 60GeForce RTX 3060GA106-302PG190 SKU 51

With the ‘cool launch’ of the RTX 30 LHR series, the supply of Ampere GPUs is expected to improve. NVIDIA has not yet clarified this matter. That is exactly what has changed. Which will limit mining performance on new chips. A previous attempt to introduce a software limiter with the RTX 3060 failed spectacularly after NVIDIA accidentally released a driver without it. This SKU will also get a new version. Which will be a renewed crypto limiter.

One of our sources says that RTX 3090 may be the only card. Which will not have the facility of crypto limiter, which is simply not needed. Because the mining profitability on this SKU is low due to the high price of the card. However, this SKU is still expected to get a new GA102-302 GPU. Which suggests that it may be only a ReBAR update.

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