Nvidia RTX 30 series and 40 series graphics cards will coexist to ensure stable supply

On March 8 news, whistleblower @Greymon55 said that NVIDIA RTX 30/40 series graphics cards based on Ada Lovelace graphics architecture are expected to be released at the end of the third quarter, which is September, which is also in line with NVIDIA’s previous 2-year generation cycle release rules.

Nvidia CFO Colette Kress suggested that they may continue to manufacture and sell their Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards after the release of the Nvidia RTX 40 series, even though the next generation of “Ada” cards will be stronger.

Kress said the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain issues gave Nvidia an “opportunity” to sell both the Nvidia RTX 30-series and RTX 20-series graphics cards.

“So we’ve been doing that, offering more and more products to our players,” “we’ll probably see that continue.” Continue to prove it to everyone as we move forward. “

Nvidia has continued to make RTX 2060 and Nvidia RTX 30-series cards, and even launched a new version with 12GB of video memory in December in order to offer more cards during supply shortages, even though the new card stock is also low. There’s also the upcoming RTX 2050 mobile solution, which is coming in the next few months.

Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards, likely the Nvidia RTX 40 series, are expected to launch with a few cards in the high-end series first, followed by mid-to-low-end cards, possibly with a gap of 12 months or more in between.

That is to say, even if the Nvidia RTX 4090, RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 are released first, graphics cards such as the mid-to-low-end Nvidia RTX 3060 and RTX 3050 will still be on sale.

In this way, Nvidia can sell cards from different eras simultaneously for a long time. Officials believe that retaining these graphics cards will satisfy gamers who are unable to upgrade to better graphics cards due to graphics card shortages.

“We believe supply will improve every quarter of the year,” Kress said. “We think supply will be at a steady level in the second half of the year.”

Still, Kress said that this strategy will continue if uncertain, and that keeping older graphics cards is necessary to keep enough cards to allow Nvidia to meet more demand.

Kress stressed that Nvidia isn’t ready to announce anything new at the investor conference, but we’ll likely hear more about future plans at GTC.

The recent Nvidia hack has led to a flood of information about Nvidia’s upcoming GPU plans, and all signs point to the fact that we’ll see Ada and RTX 40-series cards this fall.

Internal Nvidia documents exposed by hackers show that the next-generation RTX 40 GPU graphics card will include five GPUs: AD102, AD103, AD104, AD106, and AD107.

The highest-spec AD102 will have 18,432 CUDA cores, the AD103 will have 10,752, the AD104 will have 7,680, the AD106 will have 4,608, and the AD107 will have 3,072.

Gadget Pixels reported earlier that the NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards based on the Ada Lovelace graphics architecture are expected to be launched at the end of the third quarter, which is September, in line with NVIDIA’s normal 2-year release cycle.

It is reported that the Nvidia RTX 40 graphics card will use the new PCIe Gen5 power connector, and the power consumption of flagship models such as the RTX 4080/4080Ti/4090 GPU may be between 450W and 850W.

The flagship model of the Nvidia RTX 40 graphics card will be equipped with an AD102 GPU, which is expected to use the TSMC N5 process, with a chip size of 600 square millimeters.

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