OnePlus Buds Pro review: True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones

OnePlus Buds Pro full review: At present, the market for true wireless noise-canceling headphones is very mature. Most flagship true wireless noise-canceling headphones only offer three modes. Noise Reduction + Off + Transparency. It’s hard to have any innovation. And OnePlus recently released its first true wireless noise-canceling headset- the OnePlus Buds Pro. Which not only achieves a good level of noise reduction, sound quality, and battery life. but also innovatively offers a white noise mode to help users shield. The noise leaves the screams of nature’s insects and birds.

OnePlus Buds Pro price

Currently, the OnePlus Buds Pro has started pre-sale in the Chinese market at a price of 799 Yuan, and the OnePlus Buds Pro price in India is expected to be Rs 9,189. What is the real feel of this top-end headset from OnePlus? Gadget Pixels has already got this black OnePlus Buds Pro. After a period of use, we now bring you its graphic evaluation.

Compact Body, Comfortable to wear

The packaging of the OnePlus Buds Pro still inherits the design style of the OnePlus mobile phone box. The big red package houses two pairs of earmuffs in different sizes and a red Type-C charging cable. Since the OnePlus Buds, Pro also has a microphone on the inner wall. So choosing an earmuff that suits you can greatly improve the noise reduction effect.

OnePlus Buds Pro accessories and mannuals

The first time I get the OnePlus Buds Pro, I think. That its charging case is quite small. The charging case measures only 60.08mm*49.07mm*24.88mm. Which can be easily carried in your pocket. The box body is made of frosted plastic. With the OnePlus logo on top.

OnePlus Buds Pro box preview

Like most flagship headsets, the OnePlus Buds Pro also supports wireless charging. You can use OnePlus 9Pro to charge it upside down. Of course, because it uses the universal Qi protocol. Most wireless charging devices on the market can be used for charging.

OnePlus Buds Pro wireless charging with phone

The charging case cannot be opened with one hand as it is a cosmetic case-style clamshell design. Due to the tight lid, this charging case also supports IPX4 waterproof rating. After opening the headset, the headset is lying inside. Magnet power is right. It cannot be thrown but it is easy to take. There’s a pairing button on the bottom of the headset. OnePlus/OPPO phones can connect after opening the cover. Other brands can pair by long-pressing the pairing button.

OnePlus Buds Pro inbox preview

The design of the headset is quite interesting. The upper part is black matte plastic, and the bottom is silver-grey glossy plastic. The look and feel are cool and low-key. At the same time, the silver-grey shiny plastic area is also the touch area. You can cut songs by gently pinching the handle of the headphones. Can adjust noise reduction and make calls. Due to the sleek design, it has no edges or corners for wear, and the auricle will not be caught by the diaphragm. The body supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof. Which can survive the erosion of rain and sweat.

OnePlus Buds Pro earpeaces

The OnePlus Buds Pro only weighs 4.4g per ear and is very comfortable to wear. What’s commendable is that the OnePlus Buds Pro still plugs into a single ear of large 40mAh battery under a relatively lightweight. This has been officially claimed. That you can listen to music continuously for 5 hours in noise reduction mode, and it can reach 7 hours after turning off noise reduction.

OnePlus Buds Pro 4g weight

OnePlus Buds Pro Hearing and Noise Reduction

As the top-notch product in the current OnePlus acoustics product line, the OnePlus Buds Pro comes equipped with an 11mm moving coil unit. Which lays a solid foundation for good sound quality in hardware. Of course, the sound unit can be customized at cost. Which really demonstrates the skill of the maker. Still supporting the software.

one plus nord pro preview

As we all know, the generation unit of the BlueTooth headset has not changed much as compared to the traditional wired headset. The difference in sound quality is mainly due to the very low bit rate of the Bluetooth protocol. OnePlus Buds Pro uses one of the most advanced LHDC protocols. Which may already cover that audio quality. That’s what mainstream music software can provide.

In terms of noise reduction, OnePlus claims. That the OnePlus Buds Pro supports 40dB of deep noise reduction. You can switch three gears of weak noise reduction-smart noise reduction-strong noise reduction in the app. The actual measure of its noise reduction level is actually pretty good. It can filter out most of the low-frequency noise on busy roads. In general, you can switch on Smart Noise Reduction for daily use. The earphone will seek a balance between ear pressure and calmness.

The author believes that some of them are comparatively speaking. The most amazing moment of using the OnePlus Buds Pro is that. When you switch from noise reduction to transparency. So you can feel its power in an instant. The transparent mode of the OnePlus Buds Pro still can’t achieve the “not as worn” effect of some benchmark headphones. But it’s still very useful for tackling some daily conversations, and there’s no need to remove the headphones.

OnePlus Buds Pro in box preview

The OnePlus Buds Pro can be paired with any device that supports Bluetooth. But there will be more functions when connected to a ColorOS phone. Such as opening the cover to display a pop-up animation. No pairing and one-click direct connection.

In the Settings interface, you can customize the headset’s buttons. When used with the OnePlus 9 Pro. So you can also say Dolby Atmos sound effect which comes with the body. In most mobile phones in the past, this kind of sound effect could only be turned on. When wired earphones are connected, and now you can enjoy better sound quality when wearing wireless earphones.

Another key feature of the OnePlus Buds Pro is a personalized listening experience. First, it supports headphone fit detection to remind you to adjust to the appropriate earmuffs. After you’re ready, you can take a personal hearing test. The OnePlus Buds Pro will beep at different frequencies for about two minutes and ask if you can hear them. After the test is over, a unique tuning scheme can be drawn up. After the author’s actual measurements, I guess. That the environment of listening to songs has improved a lot.

The white noise function impressed me the most. The so-called white noise refers to a type of natural and uniform noise. Compared to the unpredictable traffic in the city, white noise can have the magical effect of relaxation and sleep aid. There are already many white noise apps in the market. But they can only be played with a mobile phone connected to the headphones. Like O Relax which comes with ColorOS.

And OnePlus has innovatively built white noise into the headset. You only need to press and hold the handle of the headset for 3 seconds to automatically switch to noise reduction mode and turn on white noise. This white noise is actually built-in, and it can be used even then. When the phone is off and Bluetooth is disconnected. We can pre-set the required scenes on the mobile phone. Like by the sea or in the woods, and then press and hold the headphone handle for 3 seconds to comfortably enter the world of white noise.

Compared to the disturbing silence of other noise-canceling headphones when noise reduction is turned on, the OnePlus Buds Pro’s white noise function really wins my heart. After turning on white noise, I guess. That the whole person is immediately resting. In the current severely homogenous TWS market, this white noise function is actually very innovative.

While making and receiving calls, the OnePlus Buds Pro can also provide a clear radio effect. The fuselage comes with 3 microphones, combined with an AI algorithm, which can reduce the noise of our speaking voice several times, bringing clear call sound quality.

TWS flagship with a distinctive personality

Nowadays, the market for true wireless Bluetooth headsets is very red, and all kinds of brands haven’t heard of it. They will come to mix it. But most of the products they offer. They use the same solution to provide boring tasks. Which is too boring for a thousand people.

OnePlus Buds Pro box and case

But on the OnePlus Buds Pro, I noticed a lot of new ideas, personal hearing tests, and built-in white noise so everyone can have fun using it. Combining comfortable wear, long-lasting battery life, and good noise reduction, the OnePlus Acoustics gave a satisfactory answer this time around.

OnePlus Buds Pro Release Date

OnePlus Model Buds Pro True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones Release date in India on 22nd July 2021 and in Chinese or global market have already released.

OnePlus Buds Pro True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones Full Specifications


ModelBuds Pro True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones
Release date22nd July 2021
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
ConnectivityTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)

Product details

Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Size (mm)11
Weight (g)4.35
Weight With Case (g)52

Sound features

Sensitivity (dB)102
Frequency Response Range20Hz-20,000Hz

Connectivity features

Bluetooth Version5.2
Bluetooth Codec SupportSBC,AAC,LHDC
Bluetooth range (Metres)10

Battery features

Charging PortUSB Type-C
Battery Life (Hrs)38
Battery Life (Hrs) Earpieces Only7
Battery Life (Hrs) With Case Total28
Battery Capacity (mAh) Earpieces40
Battery Capacity (mAh) Case520


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