OPPO announced the world’s first eSIM function, OPPO adds 5G SA-Compatible eSIM to Find X3 Pro

Gadget Pixels May 31 News – Today, OPPO launched the world’s first eSIM function in collaboration with Thales. Which supports 5G SA on the latest flagship 5G mobile phone OPPO Find X3 Pro.

Gadget Pixels understands that eSIM is an embedded SIM. There is no need to plug and unplug it like a traditional SIM card. But it is embedded directly in the terminal. The SA (Independent Networking) architecture is one of the mainstream architectures of future 5G networks. Which can achieve low latency and high flexibility.

Xiao Yang, senior director of Oppo Carrier Products, said: “This time through technical collaboration with Thales, we have jointly built Find X3 Pro among the world’s first terminal products to introduce the 5G SA eSIM function.”

Thales is a provider of hardware-based eSIM and eSIM connection management. Oppo’s first smartwatch with the built-in cellular network function, the Oppo Watch series, uses the eSIM solution provided by Thales.

This time, Oppo and Thales began a research and development collaboration. Integrated its eSIM solution into Find X3 Pro, completed eSIM server optimization, machine debugging and verification, task development, and commissioning, and collaborated with operators. Network joint debugging in the current network was done to ensure. that mobile phones can support two SIM cards and one eSIM, and for the first time that 5G SA networks are supported on the eSIM side.

It is reported that OPPO started to research and development for eSIM technology in 2018. It has launched smartphones supporting eSIM, and its first smartwatch product, OPPO Watch, also supports eSIM solutions.

Inspired by user needs and experiences, Oppo began its research and development of eSIM technology in 2018. Since then launched a series of eSIM-compatible smartphones and smartwatches. OPPO Find X3 Pro equipped with 5G SA-compatible eSIM not only demonstrates OPPO’s strong technical expertise and insights into eSIM technology. Rather 5G SA also reflects OPPO’s investment in accelerating the rollout of the network. So that users can take advantage of the 5G experience as soon as possible.

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