OPPO Watch 2 Full Review With Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC: Price, Specifications

After more than a year, the Oppo Watch has officially rolled out the update. Oppo had already announced the news of the Oppo Watch 2 at the Reno 6 series conference in May. Although the release time and specific configuration have not been announced yet. It said the Oppo Watch 2, which is the “Android watch ceiling”. Has raised the hopes of many netizens.

On July 27, Oppo Watch 2 was officially released. With improved dual-engine hybrid, longer battery life, better health management, rich tripartite apps, better smart interactions, and more. Which makes the experience of Oppo Watch 2 even better. Almighty. As always, Gadget Pixels received this product in advance and experienced long wear and intense. Now I will bring you the experience of using this product and further discussion. Known as “Android Watch Ceiling”. Is the Oppo Watch 2 worth buying, and who is it suitable for?

Note: All evaluations below are based on the OPPO Watch 2 46mm (eSIM) version, which is abbreviated as OPPO Watch 2 for easy reading. The evaluation machine is an engineering prototype, and the evaluation version number is A.37. The content is for reference only and does not represent the final experience of the mass production version.


Compared to the first-generation products, the appearance design of the Oppo Watch 2 hasn’t changed much. It still takes the square watch route. The curved screen design common on flagship phones has also been used by OPPO on the OPPO Watch 2. So be careful when you start with OPPO Watch 2. So you will feel many differences from other “square clocks”.

In the larger bezels of the square watch design, the OPPO Watch 2 has added a 3D hyperboloid design. The left and right sides of the watch have clear curvatures. This design makes the sides of the watch thinner and longer when you slide your fingers. So feel better. This will make the watch screen more transparent and three-dimensional. The use of curved screens will enhance.

OPPO Watch 2

Like the previous generation products, Oppo has created a very high-end and classy flair on this watch with a strong “design drive”.

Oppo Watch 2 has two sizes of 42 and 46 mm. The first uses a wrist circumference of 130 mm–200 mm, and the latter is 130 mm–210 m. Some girls with thin wrists fit the 42mm size. For other users, I prefer the 46mm version. After all, the latter has a bigger battery and longer battery life. We’ll describe battery life later in the article.

OPPO Watch 2 in Hand Experiance

OPPO Watch 2 46mm uses a 1.91-inch AMOLED 3D Hyperboloid Flexible Square Screen with a resolution of 402*476 and a high PPI of 326. which reaches the retinal level. It’s hard to see a grain of pixels even with dazzled eyes. It supports automatic brightness adjustment, and the screen contents can be seen clearly even in bright light. In general, this screen is fine and can be used with confidence.

OPPO Watch 2 harware

OPPO Watch 2 46mm is available in Platinum Black and Star Blue colors. The case is made of aluminum alloy. The lower case is made of LNP special glass fiber reinforced PC, and the strap is made of fluorine rubber. Apart from the color, this is the biggest difference between the design of the Oppo Watch and the first generation. That’s the way the strap is fastened.

OPPO Watch 2 band and display preview

The Buckle-style lacing method has been used in OPPO Watch 2. In the first generation Oppo Watch evaluation, the author once complained about this problem. that the movable strap ring is easy to drop. This generation of buckle-type design has a high degree of integration. So that you can use it for sure.

OPPO Watch 2

Other aspects are basically the same as the first generation Oppo Watch. There are two function keys on the right side of the fuselage, and there’s also a “green bar” in the bottom buttons. Which retains the same design as the power button of the Oppo mobile phone. There are three speaker openings on the left side of the fuselage, and the strap also adopts a quick-release design.

OPPO Watch 2

In terms of size, the Oppo Watch 2 46mm measures 46.37×38.51×11.55mm and weighs around 35 grams (both without straps). The wearing feel is acceptable, and the weight is very light compared to some traditional metal strap watches.

OPPO Watch 2 Accessories and Type-c Cable

In terms of accessories, the magnetic charging base is finally back in the cable separation design. There is no wireless charging though. The separate + magnetic charging base is also very convenient to use.

OPPO Watch 2 box
OPPO Watch 2 inboxing preview
OPPO Watch 2 hardware
OPPO Watch 2 side buttons
OPPO Watch 2 speakers
OPPO Watch 2 in hand experiance
OPPO Watch 2 band


Let’s talk briefly about the main configuration of Oppo Watch 2. First, it’s still a dual-chip dual-mode route with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+Apollo4s. The Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor is the first major update to a wearable chipset by Qualcomm since the Wear 3100 in 2018. The new chipset is upgraded from 28nm to 12nm process using 4 A53 processors with a frequency of 2.0GHz. Compared to Wear 3100 equipped with an A7 processor (only 1.1GHz), performance will increase by more than 85%, Wear 4100 GPU is Adreno A504, 2.5 times faster than 3100.

Currently, the Snapdragon Wear 4100 is also the first choice for Android flagship smartwatches.

Apollo4s is a chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq for Lite Smart Mode. The Apollo4s has great power performance, and the Cortex M4 processor design brings strong performance as well. So even in the low power consumption scenario, the system interaction is still very smooth. While still maintaining many functions.

OPPO Watch 2 processor

The two chips support the Oppo Watch 2’s two operating modes. In fully intelligent mode, OPPO’s innovative UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology allows the two flagship chips to seamlessly switch between Android and RTOS according to different scenarios. A system, such as viewing the time, receiving notifications, and viewing the health center in low-power scenarios. Uses the RTOS system. Whereas in smart application scenarios, such as opening apps, navigation, etc., develop a high-performance Android System.

OPPO Watch 2

To understand more simply, the Oppo Watch 2 is a “truly smart” watch (full smart mode). Or it can be changed to a “large bracelet” (Light Smart Mode). In Lite Smart mode, you can access heart rate, blood oxygen, sports, notification notifications, NFC bus, dial access, and other functions while still reaching a theoretical battery life of 16 days. In full Smart mode, the theoretical battery life can still reach up to 4 days. Which can be considered as a test by the author. Battery life is the longest watch in Smart Mode. This dual-engine power endurance architecture design allows the OPPO Watch to achieve both fish and bear claws.

Other hardware aspects including 1GB RAM+8GB ROM, BT5.0, WLAN 2.4G, independent eSIM, sensors include three-axis acceleration sensor + gyroscope sensor + geomagnetic sensor + optical heart rate sensor + optical pulse oximetry sensor + ambient light sensor . Supports barometric pressure sensor + capacitive sensor, 5ATM waterproof support, NFC support, GPS + Glonass + Beidou + Galileo.

Battery life:

The OPPO Watch 2 packs a built-in 510mAh battery (the previous generation was 430mAh) and supports WatchVOOC flash charging. The official said that it can be charged for a full day for up to 10 minutes and the charging speed is about 20% faster than the previous generation. The battery life of OPPO Watch 2 is very good as per the actual measurements of Gadget Pixels. Of all the “complete smartwatches” I’ve tested, at least the one with the best battery life is definitely in the first echelon.

OPPO Watch 2 charging and battery life

Take the author’s actual experience as an example (eSIM is not activated, just for reference), turn on full smart mode, all health mode (all-weather blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, etc.) Including), 100% strength Friday at 6 PM, exercise (brisk walking) once every 30 minutes during this period, updating and downloading the app several times, using WeChat watch for 1 hour. An Including 100+ Mobile Notifications Push, and Watch Calls (Bluetooth). Once, which equates to moderate-intensity use until 12 noon on weekends. The clock still has 30%+ power left.

Then I turned on Lite Smart Mode, and as of Monday morning, the watch still had 15%+ power left. From this point of view, the official “4 days fully unlocked theoretical battery life” is not watery. Although the author has not done a rigorous battery life test. But in terms of past evaluation experience and sentiments, Oppo Watch 2 has one. Very strong battery life, especially compared to the previous generation.

Smart Experience

Oppo Watch 2 is equipped with the new ColorOS Watch 2.0 system. Which is still Magic modified Android, which offers two modes. Full Smart Mode and Light Smart Mode. In all-intelligence mode, the operation is very easy. System interaction is extremely smooth, and some operation logic has also been optimized more humanely. Swipe left on the dial interface to see the Health Center, swipe right to see the Shortcut Center. You can customize frequently used apps, and provide a “background” function. Click the Down button to quickly find all the tasks.

Also, ColorOS Watch 2.0 has a new design for the app list. Which is officially called the “Planet” application setup method. Which renders a perfectly 3D-like circle and slides smoothly. Of course, if you’re not used to it. So you can change the “List Format” manually.

OPPO Watch 2 apps management

The “Long Battery Life Mode” of the previous generation was upgraded to “Lite Smart Mode” in the Oppo Watch 2. The difference can be seen from the name change. “Light Smart Mode” operation is still smooth. It certainly isn’t a big bracelet-style “PPT interaction”, and also retains a large number of functions, including sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, music, exercise, and more. The dial can also be switched freely. This is a true “light intelligence”.

In terms of dials, the Oppo Watch 2 offers a light-painted dial, AI Dial 2.0, Wear Dynamic Dial and supports custom images. There are also 100+ different styles of dials to choose from in the built-in dial store.

OPPO Watch 2 phone control

AI Wear & Match Dial 2.0, just take a picture of today’s wear and dress, the watch will intelligently generate the same series of dials for you, 2.0 supports the new identity of dots, stripes, zebra, and other textures.

OPPO Watch 2 phone control android

The light painting dial is similar to the AOD painting provided by the ColorOS 11.3 mobile phone. Slide the screen into the creative area, and the screen will show a kaleidoscope version of the pattern this time. The more you slide, the more complex the pattern and the inspiration will fly by. Each dial is also unique.

Dynamic dial, turn on the dial dynamic engine in the settings. You can let your special pattern display a dynamic effect on the dial.

Overall, in terms of dials, Oppo offers more customized options and creativity, and the choice is up to you.

Next, let’s talk about the application ecology of Oppo Watch 2. Oppo Watch 2 offers a built-in app + software store for online download. Including 50+ general app customizations. Including Baidu Maps, Alipay, Tencent Translator, Tencent News, Express 100. , NetEase Cloud/QQ Music/Himalayan, Palm Bus, etc.

Most importantly, the Oppo Watch 2 supports the independent WeChat app (the kids’ version of the watch). That is, without a mobile phone, as long as your watch has a network connection. Even then you can log in to WeChat through the watch. WeChat Children’s Watch Edition retains the most basic functions. Such as payment, shake and single chat, group chat, adding friends, voice call, and voice sending. Although the interface is a bit rudimentary, it’s perfectly fine for emergency use in daily use.

OPPO Watch 2 preview
OPPO Watch 2  messages
OPPO Watch 2

Of course, the previous Oppo Watch already supports WeChat reply. But the operation is a bit troublesome, and it should also be based on maintaining the connection with the phone. This time WeChat of Oppo watch 2 is completely free. Although this is a “child watch version”. Watch talks on WeChat. It is more inconvenient to use scenes for mobile phones (eg gym games, such as playing football, running, etc.), Just use it.

Oppo Watch 2 also supports cross-screen applications. Including Baidu Maps and Didi Taxi. Take Baidu Maps as an example. While riding or walking navigation through Baidu Maps on the phone, turn on the “flashback key” in the phone settings. Put it in your pocket and the watch will display navigation information simultaneously. You can view license plate and route information from your mobile phone and watch.

With OPPO mobile phone with ColorOS 11.2 system and above, when the mobile phone opens the game. So the OPPO Watch 2 will automatically enter the e-sports mode. Which can be used to play games on mobile phones, make calls on the watch, and make calls to games. Apart from this, it also provides game reminders. Such as the resurrection of the King’s glory, and the taking down of the rest of the peaceful aristocracy.

OPPO Watch 2 call while play games

There is also a very interesting little function in the e-sports mode. When you enter the game. So the e-sports mode will start recording heart rate, consumption, pressure, and other data. When the game is over, this information will be displayed, such as running recordings, fitness and other sports are similar, after all, “E-sports also belongs to sports.”

Sports Health

In the sports arena, the Oppo Watch 2 offers the capability of a sports assessment function. Which can help users to exercise more efficiently. Supports 100+ sports active monitoring and recording, and can automatically detect and recognize 6 sports modes, including outdoor/indoor running, outdoor/indoor walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, rowing machine, and more, and may prompt the user to record. This addon also supports custom data. that needs to be recorded. Record exercise data such as heart rate, pace, distance during exercise, and more. Plus, the 5-minute relaxing fitness course covers a range of categories. Such as warm-up stretching, rapid fat burning, muscle growth and shaping, improving physical fitness, and healthy living.

In terms of motion trajectory recording, finally, the GPS+Glonass+Beidou+Galileo positioning system is a blessing, and it also supports L1 GNSS single-mode (AGPS assisted positioning), and the actual experience is great.

In terms of health, it provides daily activities, heart rate, sleep, continuous blood oxygen monitoring, and risk assessment of snoring, stress, relaxation, etc. Here we will focus on continuous blood oxygen monitoring and snoring risk assessment. It is a pity that the previous generation of Oppo Watch did not support blood oxygen monitoring. On the Oppo Watch 2, there is not only monitoring of blood oxygen. But also supports all-weather monitoring, including exercise and sleep status.

At the same time, it also supports nap and short sleep monitoring and can also record 20-30 minutes of measured sleep data. The snoring risk assessment can be combined with a mobile phone snoring monitor (turned on manually every night before going to bed) to output snoring risk assessment results.

In addition, the Oppo Watch 2 also supports active health and safety functions. Including 7*24h real-time automatic pressure monitoring, fall monitoring, and emergency calls, women’s menstrual management, drinking reminders, and sedentary reminders. Support family care mode, after binding the family account, the family member will be reminded in real-time when there is an abnormal health condition.

Versions: 46mm (Wi-Fi/LTE); 42mm (Wi-Fi/LTE or Wi-Fi only)

LAUNCHAnnounced2021, July 27
StatusAvailable. Released 2021, July 27
BODYDimensions46.4 x 38.5 x 11.6 mm (1.83 x 1.52 x 0.46 in)
Weight35 g (46mm) / 31 g (42mm) (1.09 oz)
SIMeSIM (market/region dependent)
 5ATM water resistant
Size1.91 inches
Resolution402 x 476 pixels (~326 ppi density)
PLATFORMOSAndroid Wear OS – International
ColorOS Watch 2.0 – China
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 (12 nm)
CPUQuad-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A53
GPUAdreno 504
MEMORYCard slotNo
Internal8GB 1GB RAM
3.5mm jackNo
COMMSWLANWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth5.0, A2DP, LE
FEATURESSensorsAccelerometer, gyro, heart rate, compass, barometer, SpO2
BATTERYTypeLi-Ion 510 mAh, non-removable
MISCColorsBlack, Blue, Rose Gold
PriceAbout 170 EUR

OPPO Watch 2 Price:

OPPO Watch 2 Price in India starts at CNY 1,299 (approximately Rs 14,900) for the 42mm (Wi-Fi only) variant. The smartwatch also comes with eSIM support that costs CNY 1,499 (approximately Rs 17,200) for the 42mm size and CNY 1,999 (approximately Rs 22,999) for the top-of-the-line 46mm version. All three variants are initially available for pre-booking in China. Their sale is planned for August 6. However, details about the global launch and pricing of the Oppo Watch 2 are yet to be revealed.

Along with the Watch 2, Oppo has come with the Enco Air Smart Edition priced at CNY 199 (approximately Rs 2,300) and the Enco Play for CNY 399 (approximately Rs 4,600).


The product of OPPO Watch 2 is very strong. However, not much has changed in the appearance design. Huge interior upgrades have made the author feel this too. That the Oppo Watch series products will be treated with praise for three days.

Compared to previous generation products, Oppo Watch 2 has stronger performance, a bigger battery, stronger battery life, more comprehensive sports health, better interaction, rich third-party apps, and other apps like multi-screen apps and launched for students has gone. parties. “Classroom Mode”, and a small step assistant that supports 40+ offline voices, etc. Overall, the Oppo Watch 2 is a completely upgraded and vastly superior immersion.

OPPO Watch 2 in hand experiance

Going back to the two questions at the beginning of the article. Is Oppo Watch 2 “Android Watch Ceiling”? Looking at all the Android smartwatch products currently on the market, the massive product strength of the OPPO Watch 2 is undoubtedly the first echelon. I dare not say ceiling, but if you are looking to buy an Android smartwatch, the Oppo Watch 2 can definitely keep that in mind.

So who is OPPO Watch 2 suitable for? First of all, OPPO mobile phone users, even if you already have the first generation of OPPO Watch, I still highly recommend upgrading (after all, the first generation of products released for more than a year Is). Secondly, if you value absolute intelligence and have requirements for battery life, then the Oppo Watch 2 would also be a very suitable option.

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