Qualcomm introduces new 5G infrastructure platforms to Drive Cellular Ecosystem Transition to vRAN and Interoperable Networks

The news come from Qualcomm, Qualcomm Introduces New 5G Infrastructure Platforms to Drive Cellular Ecosystem Transition to vRAN and Interoperable Networks. 5G is developing rapidly in the world, the world has deployed more than 160 5G networks. 5G terminal connections of nearly 300 million, 5G industry digital projects have reached more than 5000. Especially in China, by the end of last year, China’s total number of 5G base stations reached 718,000. Up to 70%, 5G users are also far ahead of the world. 5G commercial speed completely exceeded expectations.

5G infrastructure commercial in less than two years, 5G can achieve such results. It is truly amazing. This is the result of the entire 5G industry chain ecological upstream and downstream cooperation. “It is wrong to think that a company can run 5G. As long as it is a leader,” Ammon, Qualcomm’s CEO-designation, said in a recent media interview. It is a story about ecosystems working together. “

In 2019, 5G officially began to be commercialized. As the smart terminal closest to consumers, 5G mobile phone Renner does not allow 5G to become the precursor of commercialization. In the process, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and Qualcomm launched a series of collaborations, with Qualcomm’s 5G mobile platform, coming quickly to the domestic 5G mobile phone market, and gradually leading the world.

In fact, before the official landing of the 5G infrastructure commercial, in early 2018, many well-known Chinese terminal manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, ZTE, etc. Joins forces with Qualcomm and launches “5G Pilot Program”. Beijing Which in the following years not only helped Chinese mobile phone manufacturers to seize the 5G East Wind, but also rapidly gained in overseas markets.

Qualcomm also attaches great importance to the Chinese market and continues to expand its partnership with Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo. While domestic manufacturers are not satisfied with the success of the domestic market and want to sell the final product in Europe, Latin. America and other regions around the world. To expand its cooperation with Chinese manufacturers, Ammon has been traveling to China almost every month for the past few years. So that the Chinese can understand the needs of their partners together with the customers.

Such closely linked cooperation, so that China’s 5G infrastructure commercial terminal to sell to the world quickly to the world. According to the latest 2021Q1 Global Smartphone Market Report by market research firm Strategy Analytics, three of the top five are Chinese companies.

5g Phones vendors analytics

With the 5G mobile phone category maturing, 5G is expanding into other vertical industries, such as automotive, telemedicine, robotics / drones, virtual reality and smart factories. All these are strengthening themselves with the development of 5G.

For example, in the automotive sector, 5G infrastructure has greatly encouraged the development of assisted driving, self-driving cars from the Shanghai Motor Show. Whether it is traditional car companies. Or are new forces in car manufacturing, working towards the introduction of more intelligent automotive products. In the process, the development of smart cars has been accelerated in collaboration with technology manufacturers.

First, Qualcomm’s 3GPP is driving the development of 5G versions of C-V2X (cellular networking) technology to meet the needs of smart cars for high-speed, stable, low-latency networks.

In addition, Qualcomm and other technology manufacturers are also providing technical support for automotive products. Currently, 20 of the world’s 20 leading automakers have not digested Qualcomm’s automotive business C-V2X chips, Dragon Automotive 5G infrastructure platform and, moreover, an $ 8 billion order from the automaker. At the Shanghai Motor Show, one can also see that many well-known domestic cars also use Qualcomm’s technology.

Qualcomm introduces new 5G infrastructure for Auto cars

In the field of robotics, Qualcomm and Shanghai Sports Institute, the Pombert technology tripartite collaboration of the Pombart anthropomorphic table tennis robot has been very hot recently. With the help of 5G, AI and other technologies, robots can also fight table tennis players, technology manufacturers. , Cross-border cooperation in terminals and sports colleges, can be said to promote the new state of intelligent sports.

There are similar examples in different industries, of course, the 5G development of Kalpana is very beautiful. Really want to achieve the imaginary world. But 5G infrastructure requires all parties to work together to open “any supervision of the second vein”. In the future, 5G Plus Internet of Everything will change the way the world works.

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