Redmi router AX3000 Full Review: upgrade to 160MHz, support Mesh full coverage

Ever since the Redmi Company released the Redmi router AX3000 it’s the first router. The reviews have been very good.


The AX3000 only has the router body and power adapter in the package, and it doesn’t come equipped with a network cable. Those who are interested in starting it. They are recommended to bring their own Category 6 cable.

Redmi router AX3000 accessories and manuals

The AX3000 inherits the appearance of the AX5 and measures 247*141*180mm in total. The whole body is white, and the top and bottom are completely hollow. Which is conducive to passive heat dissipation of the body. There are 4 external antennas in the whole machine. Those that have a length of 180mm, two for 2.4GHz and two for 5GHz.

Redmi router AX3000

In terms of hardware, the Redmi router AX3000 is equipped with Qualcomm IPQ5000 dual-core 1.GHz CPU + single-core 1.0 GHz Network Technology Engine NPU. This NPU is designed to process network data traffic. While throughput has increased by 21%, CPU usage has decreased by 95%. , Significantly improving data forwarding efficiency and reducing latency Storage is 256MB memory and 128MB flash memory. To ensure signal coverage, the AX3000 uses four Qorvo high-performance independent signal amplifiers. Compared with the integrated amplifier, the signal strength of the independent amplifier is increased by 4dB, and the theoretical coverage is increased by 50%.

redmi router ax3000 2

There are 1 Gigabit WAN port and 3 LAN ports on the back of the AX3000. There’s also a mesh pairing button on the left. This is a major selling point of this model. that it can create a mesh network with any Xiaomi/Redmi Wi-Fi 6 router. Get Wi-Fi 6 coverage throughout the house at a low cost.


The previous generation of Redmi Router AX5 supports Wi-Fi 6 networks. But only supports 20/40/80 MHz bandwidth. Which has a shortfall of 160 MHz. The so-called bandwidth refers to the frequency range occupied by the modulated carrier and is also the standard for transmitting wireless signal frequencies. Among them, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi supports 20/40MHz bandwidth, and 5GHz Wi-Fi supports 20/40/80/160MHz. If you compare the data with the traffic flow. So bandwidth is the width of the road. If 80 MHz bandwidth is equal to 4 lanes. So 160 MHz bandwidth is equal to 8 lanes. The theoretical speed doubles at 160MHz.

Redmi router AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 networks support

Then why doesn’t the previous generation AX5 support it? To a large extent, that is because. Because this 160 MHz bandwidth is only supported by the router and is useless, and it needs to be supported by mobile phones and computers. The previous Snapdragon 865 processor does not support 160MHz. So 160MHz is of little importance. In 2021, major mobile phones except the iPhone will natively support 160MHz of bandwidth, and the Intel AX200 and AX201 network cards are widely used in the notebook market. Which also supports 160MHz. It’s time for the AX3000 to show its talent.

redmi router ax3000 5

Redmi Router AX5 also supports OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and other technologies and multiple mesh networking. OFDMA technology allows routers to complete data transmission with up to 8 devices in one transmission, and network delays can be reduced by up to 66%. MU-MIMO makes the Internet more accessible to many people. Multiple mesh networks can be connected to any Xiaomi/Redmi Wi-Fi 6 router pairing. Say goodbye to the dilemma of a single router signal with dead ends, get all kinds of complex apartments, and get seamless coverage of the whole house.

In terms of device access, the AX3000 is equipped with 256MB of large memory and supports simultaneous access of 128 devices. When a Xiaomi smart device connects to the Internet for the first time. So it is set in conjunction with Xiaomi Home, without having to manually enter the password.

The AX3000 also supports privacy and security protections for various mainstream smart home devices on the market and one-click detection of potential vulnerabilities. The AX3000 also has a built-in Tencent Online Game Accelerator for game players’ usage scenarios. Which supports mainstream national server game acceleration and foreign game acceleration. Including all platforms of PC, mobile phone, and host. Ultra-low latency is more stable, and the 3-month subscription experience is also free. (The above functions need to be updated and supported after the official release on July 30th)

Redmi router AX3000 Price

At very low prices, Redmi can often offer relatively high hardware configurations. This is clearly reflected in the AX5. Which raised the entry price of Wi-Fi 6 to around Rs. 2,297.75. And just recently, Redmi updated the Star product AX5 and released the Redmi Router AX3000 which supports 160MHz bandwidth.

Currently, the Redmi Router AX3000 has been released. The basic price starts at Rs. 3090.47, and the pre-sale payment of Rs. 344.50 can be used as a deposit of 50. Which equates to a discounted price of Rs. 2860.69. Gadget Pixels has already got this product. Let’s test its strength.


Gadget Pixels has learned that the Redmi router AX3000 has been pre-sold at 10:00 am on July 20th. The official retail price is Rs. 3,088.98. The price for participating in the pre-sale of the deposit is only Rs. 2,859.77. The router at home has Wi-Fi 6 replacement. Friends in need may wish to pay attention.

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