Samsung Electronics officially established a robotics business team: to promote the commercialization of home robots

Samsung Electronics recently established a robotics business team to actively promote the commercialization of home robots, reports BusinessKorea, Gadget Pixels news on December 15. Samsung Electronics is planning to launch related products as soon as possible, and is expected to invest heavily in related businesses.

Samsung Electronics recently joined the Robot Commercialization Task Force, which has always been an informal entity. Upgraded to a formal organization called the Robot Business Team.

Samsung Electronics has introduced various robotics technologies. Samsung Bot Care is a nursing service robot launched at CES in 2019. Whereas Samsung Bot Handy is a home service robot. Which helps with homework launched in January 2021. These two robotics projects were created by informal working groups.

Samsung Electronics is expected to launch a home robot. Which can be connected to smart phones and home appliances. Currently, it is developing Samsung Bot Serving Robot, Customer Feedback Robot Samsung Bot Guide, and Gait Escalation and Motivation System (GEMS) for shopping malls and restaurants.

Samsung Electronics Robot Development Budget

The company is expected to actively invest in robotics and promote mergers and acquisitions. Gadget Pixels learned that Samsung Electronics vice chairman Lee Zhiyong had said in August. That the company will invest 240 trillion won (about 1.29 trillion yuan (India Approx. Rs. 1290 billion)) in future technology over the next three years. Li Zirong’s investment goals are robotics, systems semiconductors, biotechnology, next-generation telecommunications and artificial intelligence (AI).

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