Samsung Galaxy F52 5G 8 reasons to start, so you can buy it at a great value and use it happily

Are you fan of Samsung Galaxy F52 5G, During the annual 618 Carnival Shopping Festival, many consumers must have already made a shopping list in their hearts, hoping to take this opportunity to collect their favorites in their bags. On this occasion of joy, Samsung has also brought a new model with value and connotation to consumers who have the need to purchase and replace the phone-Samsung Galaxy F52 5G. The Samsung Galaxy F52 5G has excellent performance in terms of design, screen, image power, and performance configuration. It is currently on sale. Interested users will come to learn about the eight reasons why Samsung Galaxy F52 5G started.

Reason 1: 120Hz high refresh rate screen, super first-class screen experience

Nowadays, consumers spend more and more time using smart phones in a day, and the requirements for screens are also increasing. 120Hz high refresh rate screens have become the mainstream choice today. Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is equipped with a 6.6-inch (right-angle) full-view screen with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which not only brings users a superb sliding texture in scenes such as Internet browsing, video viewing, and running games, but also releases colorful colors for users to enjoy A new experience of large-screen entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy F52 120Hz high refresh rate screen, super first-class screen experience

Reason 2: Rear-mounted ultra-clear four-shot, recording the bright moments of life

In addition to large-screen entertainment, imaging power is also one of the key elements for young people to buy mobile phones. The Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is equipped with a rear ultra-clear four-shot, which makes the photos taken extremely clear. Among them, the ultra-wide-angle lens packs a wide landscape into the bag, the depth-of-field lens makes the background blurred characters stand out, and the macro lens does not easily miss all kinds of small details. The unique night mode allows users to capture high-quality blockbusters with clear and bright scenes and deep picture details in the dark.

Rear-mounted ultra-clear four-shot, recording the bright moments of life

Reason 3: Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G Changkuai Chip

In the era of 5G high-speed networks, a powerful 5G chip is indispensable. Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G octa-core processor, supports SA&NSA dual-mode network, can switch multi-tasking smoothly, allowing users to indulge in the information superhighway, handy in life and work.

Reason 4: 8+128G large memory, free storage

The mobile phones of contemporary people need to carry a lot of information, not only photos and videos of the whole family, but also popular film and television works, social chat records, work files, etc., such a large number of graphics and texts require a mobile phone with large memory. Samsung Galaxy F52 5G supports 8+128G of memory, and can add up to 1TB of storage expansion through a microSD card, so that users can store all their love for life.

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G 8+128G large memory, free storage

Reason 5: 4500mAh large-capacity battery, say goodbye to battery anxiety

For heavy mobile phone users, they may encounter the dilemma of a dead cell phone when going out. Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is equipped with a 4500mAh (typical value) large-capacity battery, which provides abundant and stable energy, allowing users to bid farewell to battery life anxiety. In addition, 25W super-accelerated charging can also quickly resurrect the phone with full blood.

4500mAh large-capacity battery, say goodbye to battery anxiety

Reason 6: The glass streamer body, classic and more fashionable

In terms of appearance design, the super high value of Samsung Galaxy F52 5G can be the finishing touch for users to wear. Its glass back panel is clear and transparent, rounded corners, smooth frame and light touch complement each other, just like a gorgeous work of art. Samsung Galaxy F52 5G has two color schemes: dusk black and magic white, black and white classics are full of simple and atmospheric style.

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G The glass streamer body, classic and more fashionable

Reason 7: My family function, always guarding my little home

Whether we are at work or going out, we always think about family members all the time. The Samsung Galaxy F52 5G “My Family” function allows users to communicate and interact more with their families, caring and protecting every family member at all times. “My Family” includes the functions of family guardian, family safety, family service, and family health. Parents can use the “growth guardian” service to remotely check the child’s mobile phone usage and cultivate good habits of using the computer. Set up a “family steps goal” to build family health together. In addition, there are convenient home services and family birthday reminders, so that you don’t forget to bring surprises to your family on every important day and add warmth to your small family.

Reason 8: Samsung OneUI3.1, smart interactive experience

Samsung’s new Samsung One UI 3.1 can set personalized screen functions according to users’ habits, choose a variety of dynamic call backgrounds, lock screen themes, adjust the size and transparency of small components, and bring a more vivid and interesting experience.

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is beautiful and bright, and users who have recent purchase needs can focus on this brand new model. The suggested retail price of the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is 1,999 yuan, and you can enjoy more purchase benefits during the 618 period, allowing users to buy more value and use them happily.

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