Should I Upgrade To Windows 11?

Windows 11 is released on 5th October, but some user is not upgrade windows 11 for security issue and hardware issues. Today we have to talk about upgrade to windows 11 and its worth it.

Windows 11: Is it worth upgrading?

On October 5, as planned, the official release of Windows 11 took place. Someone will receive an update earlier, someone later. For example, I have this stub. Windows 10 has been with us for over 6 years, so this is the first time Microsoft has been so late in upgrading to a new version.

Another point, is there at all, as they say, in society a request to update Windows? For example, I’m very happy with the current order of things. Twice a year, I was shown updates for Windows 10 that had interesting features.

Windows 11 update

That being said, I can’t say that I was missing anything in terms of features or capabilities. And the features of Windows 11, which should encourage to update, rather resemble a patch, rather than a fundamentally new OS – improved work with windows, built-in Microsoft Teams (at least you can remove), Paint has become more beautiful and more convenient. Perhaps the main motivation to upgrade is a cool new design.

Windows 11 split screen and ui

Not only has Microsoft delayed the new version, but it seems to have introduced stringent requirements for the first time. UEFI, TPM 2.0, and from 2023 also a mandatory webcam. The question is not completely clear, but so far it looks like that if the laptop does not have a webcam and stretch until 2023, then in the end you can be left without Windows 11.

Of course, in response, Microsoft received a storm of indignation. As it happens, people are indignant, because they do not really understand, and what, in fact, it is about. It is unlikely that the average user knows what UEFI is or how to view the TPM version on the system. By the way, it’s funny that on helper sites they offer to use the “Run” window (Win + R) and run the tpm.msc command there. Although Windows is so friendly that you can just type “tpm” into the search bar next to the “Start” button and get an answer.

The Windows 11 update is designed for only one purpose. It’s a great PR excuse. For some time, the entire Internet will be full of beautiful pictures. And Microsoft still needs to maintain a monopoly position.

But is it worth updating? Probably not yet.

First, the “first everywhere” culture, which thrives from commentators under articles to queues on the iPhone, is impractical. Yes, you get the feeling that you were one of the first to touch something new. But, as history shows, the first batches (whatever) are often defective. Bent iPads and tearing paint on iPhones, noisy PlayStations, glitches in games (Cyberpunk 2077), reduced streaming quality.

Look at how people are now throwing tantrums trying to play an RPG from Amazon called New World. People wait for 5 hours in line to chop down virtual monsters. At the same time, the game is also poorly optimized, so it can burn the video card.

Second, do you really need Windows 11? What is the unique function of this OS, what do you need to have it immediately? Such a feature could be support for android applications. But Microsoft is not yet completely sure when this feature will appear.

Thirdly, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world of those that hung right on the stage during its presentation. In the first months, a huge number of problems associated with outdated drivers, not supported by hardware, etc. Over time, all this will get better. But the first 3-4 months it is more pleasant to watch from the sidelines.

Is it worth it to be angry and that the characteristics of your PC do not meet the requirements of Windows 11?

A waste of time. Support for Windows 10 is announced until October 14, 2025, and Windows 11 does not offer any radical updates. So why rush? If your computer does not meet the technical requirements, then chances are that you have a model of 2015 or earlier. By 2025, you will definitely have to upgrade the PC, as it will become obsolete both mentally and physically.

If you decide to update. I know that there is a concept that a clean installation is important for Windows, then the system will work correctly. And that’s the point. However, in the case of Windows 11, there is a nuance. After upgrading from Windows 10, you’ll have 10 days to go back if you don’t like something. In the case of a “clean installation”, to return to Windows 10, you will have to do a “clean installation” again. However, at least I am glad that, unlike Apple, there are no difficulties with downgraid, and images are always at hand on the Microsoft website.

Revival in the tablet market

Over the past years, the tablet market has been shrinking every year. If in 2014 world shipments amounted to 232 million units, then in 2019 – already 144.5 million units.

There are several reasons for the fall:

  • Maximum device life cycle (3-5 years)
  • Smartphones have more and more screens, so users often do not see the point in another device.
  • In motion, it is more convenient to work with a smartphone than with a tablet.
  • The growth of the capabilities of smart TVs, turned into the main screen in the house.

However, 2020 made adjustments due to lockdowns. Locked in their homes, people rushed to update the equipment. Samsung and Lenovo were among the leaders. Both companies offer Android tablets of different price segments, not just expensive models like Apple.

tablet market Graph

Also here it should be said that during the lockdown in the first place won those companies that had inventory. For example, HP, anticipating the situation, made a bet and stuffed both components and finished products. Dell decided not to rush things. As a result, HP logically showed growth. Buyers swept everything off the shelves.

tablet market companies

A year later, the situation decided to take advantage of the rest of the players. For example, today we have a review of the tablet from Nokia. Obviously, the manufacturer decided to try to jump on an unexpected tablet locomotive. And we must pay tribute to the fact that quite successfully coped with the task. Still, in a market where there is a shortage, it is difficult to find components.

Back in the days of the Galaxy Tab S6, there was talk that there was one growing niche left in the tablet market. These are devices designed to work. I guess you won’t be surprised to learn that creative professionals have been occupied by Apple with the iPad.

Samsung, in turn, relied on effective managers, offering a keyboard case and horizontal window mode, turning the tablet into a kind of laptop. Samsung was followed by Lenovo. In addition to entertaining home tablets, the manufacturer launched a Pro series.

lenovo laptop display in sunlight experiance

It is likely that tablets are waiting for a slight revival. In the US, the transition to remote work and a partial presence in the office is so accurately planned. And tablets are starting to play the role of additional screens for video calling.

Another point is that the surge is temporary. And the long service life of tablets has not been canceled.

Interestingly, so far no one has tried to rethink the very category of tablets. The idea has only advanced to the level of how to make a laptop out of a tablet.

Questions for you. Are there those who bought a tablet recently? What pushed you? Do you use it in your work? What did you buy and are you satisfied with the purchase?

I just the other day a friend bought a Galaxy Tab S7 from Samsung. Why not an iPad? Because Samsung came with a keyboard case and stylus and cost less than an iPad without everything. Two things pushed me to buy. First, draw on presentations and documents. Secondly, watching movies at home and on trips.

Squid Game and Netflix

I realized that I should still watch Squid Game when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos praised Netflix’s “global strategy” on Twitter.

Perhaps this is an occasion to talk about Netflix.

First, I watched the series and recommend it to you. It turned out to be a short but dramatic story for 9 episodes, in which people compete in children’s games. If they win, they will get a lot of money, losing is tantamount to death.

The creators of the series managed to make the characters very realistic and evoking empathy. The series is a great thought experiment that brings you to reflect on the topic of difficult moral choices. What you can go to to survive yourself.

10 10

Secondly, I want to note the explosive growth in the popularity of the series around the world. In 90 countries of presence, the series became number 1 in terms of viewing statistics. At the same time, no one was waiting for this series. Its release was not accompanied by advertising campaigns. There was no original fan base, such as The Witcher or comic book series. The history of Squid Game is written from scratch.

Accordingly, on September 17, people around the world simply in the category “Novelties” appeared the series Squid Game. And after 2 weeks it is already a world phenomenon.

The Netflix model is strikingly different from Apple TV, HBO or Disney+. The latter continue to work according to the classical scheme. First, an advertising injection is created, that soon there will be a hit. Then the series begins to be released one episode per week. As a result, “The Mandalorian”, “Game of Thrones”, “Foundation” are the main hits on which everything rests. I think you remember the news of disney+ after the end of the next season of The Mandalorian.

Well, in general, it should be noted that each release from Disney+ is a high-quality product. All the sequels of “The Avengers” and especially “Loki” are not inferior in quality to blockbusters from cinemas.

In turn, Netflix works on the principle of “quantity is more important than quality.” The service, of course, there are hits that are expected, but for the most part these are just stories, the success of which the creators do not always count on. You just need a product of a certain quality. “Stranger Things”, “Money Heist”, “Lupin” are series from which nothing was originally expected. And it turned out to be hits.

Accordingly, several conclusions can be drawn:

  • Netflix’s strategy works. The company takes quantity, not quality, hoping that sooner or later a nugget will come across the network.
  • People support Netflix’s strategy, too. Unlike Disney, or Apple Tv, or HBO, the service does not face an outflow of viewers after the end of the next series.

To some extent, the situation is sad, right? It turns out that it doesn’t matter to us that, it is important for us that there is a lot. It will be sad if others follow Netflix’s example.

Games from Netflix

And since we are talking about Netflix, we need to share the news from the gaming front. As you remember, on the last call with investors, the company notified that it was thinking about its own gaming streaming service.

To be honest, the idea seemed cool then, but too grandiose. Still, it’s easier to broadcast movies. For games, hardware, infrastructure, and many data centers in the immediate vicinity of players are important.

However, here you can look at the “Sber”. Green Bank actively fit into the adventure with the streaming service. Although, based on the fields of activity, it is obvious that streaming games for him is unusual.

As I understand it, Sber now uses the infrastructure from GFN. Ru. Here the logic is simple: in the world only Nvidia sells infrastructure for streaming, and in Russia it has only one client – GFN. However, rumor has it that “Sber” wants to create its own solution and actively spends money. Apparently, they are guided by logic that once smart speakers have mastered, then money will defeat any obstacles. And how is Netflix worse than Sber?

So, Netflix is taking its first steps. And the other day I bought Night School Studio, which is best known for the game Oxenfree.

The purchase is entertaining. Night School Studio makes casual indie games with simple drawing. For example, in Oxenfree you can play that on PC, that on Android. You won’t notice the difference in the schedule.

5 10

Based on the logic with the series, then probably Netflix wants to bet on a lot of simple, but high-quality games. If so, then perhaps it’s worthwhile. As it will be better than a subscription from Google. The Play Store is full of unnecessary nonsense. Netflix will be able to guarantee a product of a certain stable quality.

Once again, I was admired by Netflix managers. The company easily found a niche for itself in a new market. And obviously it will be successful there.


Somewhere in August, he said that I would be happy if the Galaxy Note line was canceled, but just in the S-series they will add full support for all the features of the stylus, and a slot will be left in the case under the stylus.

Samsung Galaxy s22 5G

Leaks and rumors say that the Note series will join the S-series. That is, in addition to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, there will be some other model S22 Ultra Pro, in which there will be a stylus. And due to the shortage of components, perhaps the new smartphones will be on Snapdragon. Samsung also cleaned up advertising from its applications. Did you realize that otherwise all users on the iPhone will escape?

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