True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds Review: Broad Sound Liberty Air 2 Pro is an excellent choice

To ask what is the hottest product in the consumer electronics market in the last two years. So the true wireless headsets of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds have to occupy a space. Walking on the road and looking around, you can see. That more and more people are filled with such “brats”.

When it comes to TWS True Wireless Headphones. So many people think of Apple’s AirPods series first. But apart from AirPods, there are many more cost effective products on the market. Like the loud voice that the Gadget Pixels wants to share with you today.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds left and right earbuds with case

Recently, Shengkoo launched a brand-new Shengkoo Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless noise-canceling headphones. Which can also be called the “Shenkou Noise-Canceling Chamber” featuring rich, excellent noise reduction capability and cost-effective sound performance. Currently, the Gadget Pixels has got this headset, and now I can send you an experience report as well.

Appearance design: lightweight and design

The sound-wide noise reduction cabin headset is small and exquisite. The body of the Gadget Pixels is ore white overall. But the exterior of the handle of the headset is changed to silver white. Which is very recognizable in design.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds speakers left and right view

In terms of specific design elements, the sound-wide noise reduction is a polished sound-detailed logo and the words “soundcore” on the silver welded surface of the cabin. There is a radio microphone above the earphone sound cavity and below the earphone handle, and a charging contact inside the earphone handle.

Apart from this, the grille of the headset is made in a golden fan pattern. Which shows. That there is no lack of details in the design of the product.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds left side including the ear cap

A single True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphone weighs only 5.2g (including the ear cap), and there is no weight when wearing it.

A young boy wearing a tws earbuds on a right ear

Look at the standard charging storage box of the Sound Wide Noise Reduction Cabin. The storage box is completely like a small pebble with a skin-like material on the surface. Which makes it feel comfortable. The top of the charging box is a high-brightness sound-wide patch logo, and has a battery indicator on its edge, a USB Type-C interface, and a reset button.

tws earbuds case

The initial method of this charging box is more characteristic. It is a sliding cover type, and has a good sense of soaking when sliding into the top cover.

At the same time, the sound-wide noise reduction cabinets also come with earplugs of very rich sizes. With so many earplugs, there is always one. That fits your ears.

truely wireless ear-buds lots of ear cap

In general, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin is light and small. A design sense in appearance, comfortable to wear and satisfying in terms of looks and workmanship.

Noise Reduction Function: 5 in 1 multi-scene double-feed noise reduction, rich function

The Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless noise reduction headset is also called a comprehensive noise reduction cabin. From the name, we can see. That will be an important aspect of noise reduction in this headset. The fact is similar, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin is equipped with a unique 5-in-1 multi-scene double-fed noise reduction technology with powerful noise reduction functions.

The so-called 5-in-1 multi-scene double-fed noise reduction can be divided into two aspects. One is “5 in 1 multi-scene” and the other is “dual-fed noise reduction technology.”

tws left earbuds

“5 in 1 multi-scene” means that the sound-wide noise reduction cabin offers three noise reduction modes. “Commuter”, “outdoor” and “indoor” and “permeable human voice” and “completely transparent” in terms of noise reduction. 2 transparent modes.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds: Dual-fed noise reduction technology

Double-fed ANC noise reduction technology means. There are noise-reduction microphones inside / outside the cabin that are wide-pitched noise reduction. Which can pick up two noise sources from in / out ear. Because it raises more environmental noise. This can cancel out more noise. Which can reduce noise better than single-feed noise reduction.

tws earbuds with case

5-in-1 multi-scenario dual-fed noise reduction technology is actually expected from a technical standpoint. The Gadget Pixels also tested the noise reduction capability of the sound-wide noise reduction cabin. The “commuter” mode of the wide-sound noise reduction cabin is more suitable for high-noise scenes such as subways and buses. So the editor chose metro as the testing ground.

During the test, the editor first compared the sound difference between normal mode and commuter noise reduction without playing music. This can be heard clearly. After the commuter noise reduction, the noise of the ikspeed is basically inaudible, and the station’s announcement sound is very small.

When the music is on, in normal mode, you can hear the singing, the roar of the metro and the announcement of the station, and the voices of the people around, and the hearing is average. After noise reduction, the roar and ambient fine noise are almost inaudible, and the music becomes clear and pure.

True wireless stereo earphones: Outdoor Noise Reduction

The “outdoor” noise reduction mode is suitable for everyone. When walking on a lively street. So the editor came on a boring road to test.

First, it is still a comparison of noise reduction without music. It can be found. That after outdoor noise reduction mode is turned on, it has the effect of eliminating low-frequency noise. But the human voice and the whistle of the car do not completely disappear. Which prevents users from using it. Failure to hear the whistle may result in safety hazards.

tws earbuds preview with case including the ear cap

True Wireless Stereo Earphones: Indoor Noise Reduction

Then there is the “indoor” noise reduction mode. This mode is suitable for use in indoor scenes such as coffee shops and offices.

Without playing music, it can be clearly felt. That “indoor” noise reduction more clearly eliminates the surrounding environmental sounds, and the sound of surrounding guests and background ambient music is basically inaudible.

While playing music, you can also feel the excellent “indoor” noise reduction effect. After the decrease in noise, it feels like this. That listening to music with headphones in your own quiet bedroom. The listening experience is very comfortable.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds Review

At the same time, when “indoor” and “outdoor” noise reduction methods were tested. So the Gadget Pixels found that widespread noise reduction in the noise of the cabin did not bring a strong sense of negative pressure. But it won’t feel like “tinnitus.” This experience is more comfortable than the excessive negative pressure brought by the single noise reduction mode of many other headphones. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds have good choice.

Noise Reduction: In addition to noise reduction mode

The sound-wide noise reduction cabin also supports transparent mode, and there are two visual effects to choose from in transparent mode. Which are fully transparent and vocal modes. Among them, the fully transparent mode is suitable for use in some scenes. Such as crossing the road on and off road, while the human voice mode is suitable for use in subway and bus-like scenes when communication is required.

The Gadget Pixels first tested the impact of the transparent mode of the human voice in the metro. Compared to turning the human voice transparent mode on and off, it can be found. That the human voice has the effect of reducing the roar of the metro on transparent mode. But the people around the metro station announcement are kept clear, and the sound of the music is still clear and rich, and the effect is good.

Then, the editor came to the side of the road and tested the effect in a fully transparent mode.

Noise Reduction in Normal Mode

In normal mode, wearing headphones is generally slightly passive noise reduction, and external sound effects may be slightly weaker. If you want to clearly hear the major environmental voice around you without creating security threats. So you can turn on fully transparent mode. It is suitable for walking on the roadside and crossing the road to ensure personal safety.

Through the above test, we can see. That the 5-in-1 multi-scene double-fed noise reduction technology of the Sound-Wide Noise Reduction cabin has actually brought consumers more choices of noise reduction methods. So that everyone can choose the appropriate reduction for specific scenarios. Noise, transparent mode, and each mode can fit the actual scene to give a truly comfortable experience.

tws earbuds left and right view with speakers including the ear cap

In the end, it is worth noting. That is, in addition to the dual-feed noise reduction of 5 in 1 multi-scene, you can also adjust the noise-reduction level of the sound-wide noise reduction cabin on the app. So that you get the effect of noise reduction that suits your ears best. it can be seen that. That the detail of this headset is actually fully polished in terms of noise reduction. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds have good choice for noise reduction.

Sound Quality Experience: HearID 2.0 voice print self-adjusting technology blessing

When it comes to earphones, the sound quality is often inseparable. With the maturity of the (TWS) True wireless earphone industry, people are demanding higher and higher sound quality. Sound quality is one of the strong points of sound. Their Liberty 2 Pro, launched on Q1 in 2020, pioneered the use of coaxial coils on TWS True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds headphones. Sound quality has been well received and recommended by 10 Grammy Award winning sound engineers.

And the sound-wide noise reduction cabin released this time is also quite exciting in terms of sound quality. First, this headset uses 10-layer high-stiffness coating technology on the sound unit. This diaphragm material has high stiffness and can effectively suppress the split vibration of the diaphragm. Resulting in better treble performance and higher sound reproduction degrees.

tws earbuds preview

At the same time, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin also supports HearID 2.0 voiceprint self-adjusting technology. This technique can optimize sound quality based on the auditory curve of the human ear. Considering the difference in sensitivity of the human ear to different frequencies. Users can choose that music. That they like. Type and combine hearing and related music types to optimize EQ (equalizer).

HearID 2.0 with Mobile Control

Before using the sound-wide noise reduction cabin, you can set your hairID on the mobile phone app. You have to wear headphones during testing, and then follow the prompts to work on the app. During testing, HearID will analyze the results according to the user’s individual hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies, and then adapt an individual EQ and generate a configuration file.

Of course, after the setting is complete, the user can continue to manually adjust the headset’s equalizer to achieve other types of music styles. At the same time, other different styles of sound effects are produced. With which to select all in the mobile app.

Sound Quality Test

Having said that, what is the typical sound quality of a sound-wide noise reduction cabin? The Gadget Pixels also conducted a sound quality experience test. During the test, the editor recorded the sound-wide noise reduction of the cabin’s actual sound effects using a human head microphone. You can experience the sound quality of the cabin in sound-wide noise reduction in combination with the recorded sound. (Due to the range of recording equipment sampling accuracy, the following audio is for your reference only, the actual sound quality headset should be better).

The first is Tsai Qin’s “Ferry”. The prelude to this song has a deep drum sound. Wide-sound noise reduction cabin gives the editor a feel. That bass performance is relatively good, and the sound vibration and rebound is very strong. For headphones for wireless, this is beyond expectations.

Then the crisp guitar sound played, and Tsai Qin’s warm and delicate vocals, wide sound noise reduction cabin made both a very pleasant and delicate expression, and the sound was rich in layers. In this song, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin showed its good low-frequency and mid-frequency sound performance.

Then there is the Eagles’ “California Hotel Live”. The sound-wide noise reduction cabin showed a certain sense of sound space when performing this song. The song can clearly display the sand hammer guitar, drums and tapping, and the bass is relatively full and deep. While in concert with various musical instruments, the cheers and whistles of the crowd can be passed through the loud noise reducing cabin. Listen to it, and you can tell. That the sound is possibly coming from that direction, and has a definite place in it.

Daily use experience

For TWS True Wireless headsets, in addition to noise reduction and sound quality, consumers are also concerned about other aspects of the experience, such as comfort of wear.

In daily use, many friends like to wear wireless earphones for long periods of time, and when they come in. So you can use earphones to answer the call. At this time, the comfort of wearing headphones is very important. According to the experience of the editor during this period, however, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin is in-ear earplugs. But overall wearing comfort is still good. The rounded sound cavity portion fits the ear canal better, and the headset body is also lighter for longer. It is not easy to cause discomfort when worn.

A young boy wear a earbuds on the right ear

While wearing the headset, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin also supports some quick gesture functions. Users can set it on the app side. For example, double-click the upper end of the left ear headset handle to switch to the next song. And double-click the upper end of the right ear headset to play / pause.

At the same time, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin also supports long-press operation. For example, long press the left earphone handle to switch between noise reduction and normal mode, and long press the right earphone handle to switch between transparent mode and normal mode.

Battery Life

For battery life, Gadget Pixels also did a small test while using it. Namely, the cabin wore an extensive sound noise reduction to listen to music continuously for two hours, and then the power consumption of the headset was approximately 1/3, which is estimated to be 100%. Next, you can listen to music for about 6-7 hours continuously and this battery life is satisfactory.

For the battery life of the charging storage box, I also made observations. When the earphones and charging box were fully charged. The Gadget Pixels was then equipped with a sound-wide noise reduction cabin. During a few days of use and experience, I did not charge it. I listened for about 4 hours a day in total. After three days, the charging box was abandoned. The front half of the battery. By this estimate, if it is used continuously. So the battery life of the headset + charging box should reach around 26 hours. The performance of this battery life is also very good.

Summary: True Wireless Headphones with Noise Reduction and Excellent Sound Quality

As a TWS true wireless noise reduction earphones, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin is a product with a different selling point. Its breakthrough point is its rich and excellent noise reduction function and excellent sound quality performance.

In terms of noise reduction, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin is with its 5-in-1 multi-scene double-fed noise reduction technology. You can experience noise reduction for different scenes. With better noise reduction. In terms of sound quality, the sound-wide noise reduction cabin has achieved a sound quality performance. Which exceeds expectations with its good basic acoustic configuration and HeartID 2.0 voiceprint self-adjustment technology. These two points can be called the major factors in the wireless headset experience.

In general, the true wireless noise reduction headphones of the Shengkuo Liberty Air 2 Pro should be placed in wireless headphones with high sound quality and noise reduction effects. They are relatively more suitable for iPhone users. Those looking for sound quality. After all, AirPods Pro costs a bit more with noise reduction. At a certain price point, there are not many options for wireless noise reduction headphones for the iPhone, and full-tone noise reduction is a good performance for sound quality and noise reduction in the cabin. The price of 999 yuan is relatively close to the people. This makes it a good choice for iPhone users.

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