Upcoming smartphone launched in September 2021

5 Best Upcoming smartphone launched in September 2021. Here is a list best upcoming smartphones in Global Market.

iPhone 13

Regarding the new iPhone, as, in fact, all future smartphones in the world, it is safe to say. that they would be more expensive. TSMC announced that it was forced to increase prices for the chipset. So, chipsets produced by a process less than 7 nm will increase in price by 5%, and other chipsets will increase in price by up to 20%. Well, as you know, Apple has never been seen to incur those costs. which can be passed on to the consumer.

About the new iPhone 13, we know. That visually the smartphone will be similar to the iPhone 12. Apple will likely introduce some new stylish colors. The one everyone will be looking for. As per the rumours, the Pro Max model will have a 6.7-inch screen, and the Mini variant will have a 5.4-inch screen. Some leaks suggest that the size of the cutout will be reduced. I think not horizontally (otherwise the iPhone will become the same as the old Android smartphone), but vertically.

iPhone 13 2021 Edition

It is likely that the main wow factors will be the screen and the camera. Apple is long overdue to introduce models with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (and maybe higher). And the camera will definitely get some new modes. Above all, talking about the “Video Portrait” option, when you can shoot videos with background blur.

In general, Apple shouldn’t worry about sales, as the main feature is 5G. 5th generation networks are developing rapidly in both the US and the world. Operators already offer quite familiar tariffs. So more and more people are thinking about updating.

I would add myself that I expect some announcements in terms of gaming and creativity. The fact is that Apple’s own chipsets are still far ahead of other companies’ products in terms of performance. And for many years Apple could not show at least some examples. where such power is required. There was more or less enough in the presentation of the iPad. That’s when he demonstrated how the tablet easily folded a mighty 250-megabyte Photoshop file.

Iron comes as no surprise today, so we look forward to new opportunities from Apple. By myself, I can say that I am looking forward to the new iPhone. Since Samsung hasn’t introduced a new line of Galaxy Note (and my current smartphone is getting old), and the company’s latest achievements aren’t impressive, I start thinking about the iPhone.

We are looking forward to September 14th!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy Note

When analyzing Samsung’s results for the second quarter (in the “Echo 132”), one glanced at the phrase that the company would introduce a smartphone with a camera under the screen before the end of the year. But so far the company has shown only Z Fold3. Accordingly, by the end of the year we are waiting for at least one more release of a smartphone with an all-screen camera. Given that the technology is fundamentally new, it is clear that it will be dominant.

Here, of course, everything is complicated. Since Samsung may be intimidated by TCL and BOE’s options to implement a sub-screen camera and postpone the premiere. Still, there is one thing the Fold 3 has, where this camera is generally not needed at all. It can only be used for video chat. And one more conversation, when this quality solution will be in a classic smartphone. Honestly, I console myself with the thought that maybe the camera in the Fold 3 was so bad because it’s a flexible screen. Well, suddenly, there is something peculiar.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or galaxy Note best upcoming smartphones

Samsung has two options to imagine. It could be the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Present the flagship version before the new year in time for New Year’s gift shopping. Well, after the new year other models of the line will be released.

By the way, the strategy is very interesting, as Samsung December turned out to be the weakest month in sales in the US. Unlike Apple, which shipped entire freight trains, not even wagons, in December. The reasons for this are clear. At the end of September, the presentation of Apple, then you will have to wait until the product has penetrated all markets and the primary deficit is reduced. Well, then the new year will do its job.

Samsung shows products at the beginning of the year and also in August. The selection of dates is unsuccessful. Therefore, it would be better to postpone the launch of the main line till the end of the year. In mid-November, the presentation, and immediately the product on the market.

However, splitting the S-line before and after the new year is not an ideologically correct decision. So maybe we are still waiting for a new Galaxy Note model.

In any case, the main novelty will be an all-screen front camera, and the main cameras will also see significant changes. Samsung has many modules in development, including 200MP module, excellent 50MP module, etc.

To be honest, in this case, as a potential buyer, I do not want radical changes. I just want a good product that I can work with.

Google Pixel 6

There’s no intrigue with the Pixel 6. The smartphone has already been shown, everything was told about it. We are waiting for two devices – Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Much better than the XL, right?

In a way, the Pixel 6 is the most anticipated smarfthon on the market.

First, Google has developed its own Tensor chipset. Judging by the demos shown, the chipset focuses on artificial intelligence, which can work directly on the device (without the Internet).

Google Pixel 6

The second novelty is a kind of new camera, which, judging by the phrase about “150% more light”, will be able to somehow radically shoot in the dark in a radically new way. And also, by the way, there will be 4x optical magnification.

Well, the third highlight is Android 12. The system offers many interesting solutions both under the hood and visually.

By the way, in my opinion, in terms of design, this is the most beautiful smartphone of the entire Pixel line.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Rumors about the new Duo 2 are circulating in full range around the market. The smartphone was seen performing synthetic tests (Snapdragon 888 chipset and 8 GB of memory). As you can see, the concept has not changed. Instead of one flexible screen, there are two separate screens. On the back there were 3 cameras at once.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 2021 Edition

Microsoft’s previous model was more experimental and quite expensive to become mainstream. Yes, and came out the device is not on the last iron.

Accordingly, for the success of Microsoft, you need to pull the characteristics of the smartphone to the actual. And the quality of the cameras to bring to the flagship level. After that, the market will pay attention to it.

OnePlus 9T or OnePlus 10

Whether we like it or not, but it was OnePlus after Samsung and Apple that became the conditional main flagship. However, once Honor-Huawei recovers, things will change quickly.

But it is impossible not to pay tribute to the fact that the OnePlus 9 Pro turned out to be a very interesting smartphone. Unique design, own, copy-free approach to the platform and cameras, water protection, partnership with Hasselblad.

I would venture to guess that the OnePlus 9T or even the OnePlus 10 (it is unlikely that the Chinese will resist the temptation to put the Roman X in the model name) will be the first BBK Electronics models to go on sale.

OnePlus 9T or OnePlus 10 2021 Edition

With the exception of the camera under the screen and the new Snapdragon 888+ chipset, the specs will remain the same. All other improvements will be in the software. Probably, they will show a new version of the night mode, new photo modes and, of course, a new super-fast charging (apparently, 250 or even 500 W, which charges the smartphone in less than a minute).

OnePlus flagships don’t have any wow features that could outdone Samsung or Apple. However, the company produces a stable flagship product. In the absence of Huawei, those who want to find Samsung an alternative to other options simply do not have.

These 5 best smartphone released in 2021, In the comments, tell the releases of which smartphones you are waiting for. And it is better to tell when and on what model you plan to change the current smartphone.

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