Vivo Tws 2 Anc Review


The company vivo officially in Russia introduced its new absolutely wireless headphones under the simple name Vivo TWS 2 ANC. The ANC console speaks for itself: in front of you is a device with active noise cancellation.

Let me remind you that vivo already has branded headphones TWS Neo, a review of which was published on our website exactly a year ago. They didn’t have ANC technology, the design was like liners. However, the size of the driver inspired confidence – 14 mm against 12 mm for the novelty.

Both gadgets support the aptX Adaptive codec and have a low latency of 88 ms.

At the moment, vivo TWS 2 ANC can be found on AliExpress or OZON in the Global section. The cost is in the region of US $697.


ColorBlue and white (in Russia will not)
Headphone dimensions23х22х30 mm
Case dimensions60х24х45 mm
Headphone weight4.7 grams
Case weight41 grams
Degree of protectionIP54
Driver size12.2 mm
Frequency range20 Hz – 20 kHz
CodecsaptX Adaptive / AAC / SBC
Microphones3 pieces
Bluetooth version5.2
Noise reductionYes, active
Headphone battery43 mAh
Case battery485 mAh

Vivo Tws 2 Anc Price in India

Vivo TWS 2 True Wireless Earbuds expected price in India is ₹5,999


  • Case with headphones
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • Instruction
Vivo Tws 2 Anc box
Vivo Tws 2 Anc charging cable type-c cable and buds, mannuel

Appearance of the case

According to the good old tradition, vivo designers created a case in a glossy case. Yeah, it’s beautiful. But this is where all the advantages of this design end: the glossy body is extremely branded, quickly covered with fingerprints and other traces, scratches are eternal friends of such cases. It seems that the developers did not think at all that the case would be used: they created a beautiful render and immediately let it go into “printing”.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc case preview

By the way, this design of the cases is not new to potential buyers. Don’t companies assemble focus groups? After all, it is obvious that on the black glossy material will be hellishly noticeable all the flaws obtained during the use of the device …

Case vivo TWS 2 ANC is very small and lightweight, fits in any pocket of clothing. Even smaller except that the case of Huawei FreeBuds 4.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc case back side

The shape of the case is oblong. In the center of the front panel – LED and pairing button. Bottom – USB Type-C connector for battery charging.

There is no element for adjusting the cover of the compartment with headphones. Coupled with a glossy slippery case, opening the lid is uncomfortable. The compartment is fixed in the extreme position and closes from the slightest touch.

The lid is held on powerful magnets, it does not open by itself.

Inside you can see headphones that “sit” in their grooves and do not fly out thanks to the magnetic holders.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc case and earbuds preview

Removing the headphones is still an epic. Again, it seems that those who design such things do not think about ergonomics at all: the headphones are slippery, like the case body, too streamlined, there is simply nothing to cling to for touching and removing the headphones from the case.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc buds

Appearance of headphones

The device has almost the same design as the vivo TWS Neo. The only difference is that the novelty is an in-ear headphones.

The “stem” is quite short, about the same as in the Apple AirPods Pro, and significantly shorter than a similar element of Huawei FreeBuds 4.

lefte side Vivo Tws 2 Anc

Each of the headphones is equipped with proximity sensors: you remove the device from the ear – the music is paused, put it back on – continues to play.

In addition, each headphone has a sensory area on the side of the “stem”. If you swipe up the zone, the volume of the music will increase. If you swipe down, it will decrease. A short light tap on the “stem” – answering a call or putting music on pause and back. Two taps reset the call or turn on the Google Assistant. But a long hold switches modes: ANC and sound transparency.

right side Vivo Tws 2 Anc

By the way, when compressing the “stem” in the headphone, you hear a barely noticeable “click” sound. A similar feature is in Huawei FreeBuds Pro. True, there it works crookedly, in my opinion: compression has to be done with force.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc speaker and looks

Landing in the auricle

In my ears, these headphones sit just perfectly – neither to reduce nor to add: as comfortably as possible, without pressure on the eardrum. Even after a couple of hours, there is no feeling of discomfort. And if something goes wrong, then the ear cushions can always be changed: there is a different size in the kit.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc eart experiance

About sound

Past vivo TWS Neo headphones I strongly criticized:

«… the sound seemed quiet to me…”

«… the sound barely penetrates the eardrum…”

«… plays something mid-frequency, without any pronounced accents…”

The story with the vivo TWS 2 ANC is completely different. This is despite the fact that in neo the driver size was 14 mm, and in TWS 2 it is 12.2 mm.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc hardware highlight

The first thing worth noting is the excellent separation of channels, the surround sound of the melody. Most of all, I liked how classical melodies sounded, for example, the music of the Italian composer Ennio Morricone, which we remember from the films “The Good, the Bad, the Evil”, “Once Upon a Time in America”, and, of course, “Octopus” with Commissioner Corrado Cattani (Michele Placido).

The second is a deep bass. I hear 20Hz bass. It’s impressive. And not buzzing, but soft. In general, extremely pleasant to hear. Usually, developers try to make sure that you immediately understand “who is the owner of the house.” In this case, the “owner” is helpful and disposable.

The third is the absence of a delay in the sound. Watching YouTube, TikTok, launching toys – there is no delay anywhere, speech and sound coincide in action.

Another nice feature is the transmission of voice and high frequencies. No overload, no distortion, as tactful and clean as possible.

In total, I can say that I am impressed with the sound quality of this model.

Vivo Tws 2 Anc diagram

A few words about noise reduction. Now such a function will not surprise anyone. But still. It works very well (three microphones are used inside the device: two on the body, one near the speaker), the noise of the street muffles almost 100%. In the subway is more difficult, but here helps and passive sound insulation. I think the ANC level is similar to huawei FreeBuds Pro.

Screenshots from vivo Earphones

As a headset

The interlocutor hears a loud, legible and clear voice without any hint of speakerphone. There are zero complaints about this function!

foto 11 4

Opening hours

Inside each headphone there is a 43 mAh battery, and in the case there is a 485 mAh battery.

In my case, the headphones ran for about 5 hours with the active noise cancellation feature enabled. The volume was set at 20-30 percent. Without ANC, the device functions exactly for more than 7 hours.

If you use voice communication, you should expect about 4.5 hours (maximum volume).

In the case, the headphones can be powered 3 times, and there is still a little percent of the charge in the case.

I didn’t notice the standby discharge, which is very good.

The case is charged via USB-C cable for an hour and a half, there is no wireless charging.


Usually in such devices from brands that, as a rule, rarely produce headphones, you do not expect anything good from the sound: the company “rolls out” another gadget for a tick, they say, we have the start of sales of a smartphone – at the same time buy, for example, headphones. That was the case with the vivo TWS Neo – beautiful but simple in terms of sound quality.

Another issue is vivo TWS 2 ANC. There is already an excellent active adaptive noise reduction, really powerful, clear sound and cool speech transmission in headset mode.


Huawei FreeBuds 4i. The price is in the region of United States $83 and in India approx. ₹6,295 . Simpler ANC and sound.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro. They cost around US $139 and in India approx. ₹10,499. Great sound, excellent noise reduction, cool design and compact dimensions.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. The price is US $153 and India approx. ₹11,599. In-channel, with ANC, 3 microphones and long autonomous operation.

Provided that now this model can be bought for an average of US $76, TWS 2 ANC can safely recommend. However, when the headphones reach Russia officially, their price will “settle down” at around US $139! That’s not an amazing story.

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