Windows 10 classic View: “control panel” to modern “settings”

News from Gadget Pixels, 21 February. Foreign media Windows latest reported that Microsoft Windows 10 is still equipped with the familiar classic control panel. It also has Windows 8 era settings application. Including additional customization features. However, users still need to explore several options in the control panel.

windows 10 classic control panel

Like the control panel, the Windows 10 Settings application is divided into several categories. Systems, devices, personalization, etc. You can find your desired options by clicking on these categories. Or you can search at the top from the search bar. Window.

Based on the references found in the Windows 10 preview, it seems. That Microsoft is developing some new features for the “Settings” app.

New section in the Windows 10 Settings app page

Microsoft is slowly moving the Control Panel page to the Settings application, which can be confusing to some people. Especially when they cannot find the page/option in the control panel.

Windows 10 Control panel setting highlight

To speed up the migration process, Windows 10 Update will have a new section “Some new settings in this page” to highlight the settings migrated from the control panel. This will make it easier for users to migrate pages, reducing their concerns.

Other improvements in Windows 10 “Settings”

It seems that Microsoft is also planning to “merge” some pages to reduce clutter in the “Settings” application.

For example, the power and battery settings will be briefly merged into a new page called “Power and Battery”. The first group lets you configure screen timeout settings. While the second group lets you monitor battery usage.

windows 10 classic power & battery settings preview

Gadget Pixels is informed for Windows 10 classic View. That a single page allows you to change the sleep settings, it still contains “additional power settings”. You can open the power control panel.

It seems that the “additional power settings” of the control panel will not appear in modern “settings” applications.

Webcam settings

The webcam is one of the devices configured through the control panel in Windows 10 and has always been cumbersome. To solve this problem, Microsoft is testing a new dedicated camera settings page. Which will serve as the central hub for your camera hardware adjustments.

windows 10 classic webcam settings

As you can see from the screenshot, the Windows 10 “Settings” application will list all built-in and external cameras in the system and allow you to adjust options such as brightness and contrast.

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