Windows 11 new Notepad, Media Player official version released

Gadget Pixels February 16 news, according to Windows Latest reports, a few weeks ago, Microsoft announced some new features that Windows 11 will get soon. As part of the update, Microsoft says it will refresh the look of two key apps — Notepad and Groove Music (now called Media Player). Now, weeks after the beta release, the new Notepad and Media Player are finally rolling out to all users.

Windows 11 new Notepad

Starting this Wednesday, the new Notepad and Media Player will roll out to all Windows 11 users via the Microsoft Store. Similar to previously released updates to native apps, apps for Notepad and Media Player are getting a smooth design makeover, with rounded corner UI for windows or buttons.

Since the redesigned app is brand new, Microsoft has opted to keep the classic version of Notepad or the Groove Music default app for now. The new Notepad and Windows Media Player will be installed on PC devices later this year or next year as new pre-installed default applications.


A major design update to Notepad introduces a fluid design and a WinUI makeover that brings the app in line with the rest of Windows 11’s interface. As mentioned, Notepad now uses WinUI controls, so you can expect better access to fonts, new animations for drop-down menus, and more.

Windows 11 customization Themes and font
Windows 11 new Notepad with Dark Mode
Windows 11 new Notepad with Dark Mode 1

Microsoft is also adding rounded corner UI to Notepad’s windows, buttons, and other areas.

What’s more, Notepad now has its own settings page, which allows users to customize the font from a drop-down list. The settings page even lets you toggle between dark, light and system themes.

While rounded corners may seem like a small change, Notepad’s settings page is more useful in the long run as Microsoft adds more customization.

Updates like Dark Mode would also be welcome.

Windows 11 new Notepad with Dark Mode find option new mode

It is worth noting that Notepad also retains its simplicity, and users can still use functions such as “Find”.

Windows 11 new Media Player

After nearly three months of testing the new Media Player, Windows Media Player is finally available to everyone on Windows 11.

Media Player is replacing Groove Music – the app first came with Windows 10 and has been the default audio player for some time.

Windows 11 new Media Player
Windows 11 new Media Player Redesigned

Interestingly, Microsoft didn’t call the new Media Player “the successor to the iconic Windows Media Player,” one of the most popular apps at the time. Media Player is advertised as a replacement for Groove Music. As such, the Movies & TV app (which can only play media content) remains here for now.

To download Notepad and Media Player, you will need Windows 11 Build 22000.346 or later. If you’re already using the latest productivity version of the operating system, you can head over to the Microsoft Store and check for updates to download these two new apps.

While the Notepad interface simply got an update, Media Player requires data migration, which is done automatically if you use Groove Music. Once applied, you’ll find that “Media Player” replaces Groove Music in your Start menu apps list.

During testing, we noticed that some apps were updated but not available on all Windows 11 devices. We’re guessing that the updated Notepad and Media Player will be part of Windows 11 Sun Valley, and most users will get these updates by the end of the week.

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