Windows 11 Release Today: a comprehensive upgrade for the “post-epidemic world”

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Today, In the morning news on June 24, Microsoft will release the next major version of Windows this Thursday ( 11am ET (8:30pm IST). The name of this version is likely to be Windows 11. The new generation of Windows will provide many functions designed for the “post-pandemic world”.

Earlier Windows 11 Release, leaked information indicates that Windows 11 will adopt a revamped interface, offering new colors, more rounded corners and a louder alarm sound. The new system will also integrate gadgets for telling users the weather or tracking the status of express deliveries. The iconic Start menu runs from the bottom left corner of the screen to the center. In which there are application icons on both sides. The design seems to be inspired by smartphones, tablets, and Apple Mac computers.

The biggest change in Windows 11 isn’t just the interface. It seems like. That Microsoft will completely revamp Windows and make it fit for the new world. In this new world, users not only work in the office. Rather, you can also use your personal computer at home.

Last month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) showed application developers a new version of Windows and talked about the tone of the upgrade. He added: “You can help us re-imagine where humans can go and what they can do when stores are closed. It must be beyond time and even space. And this is just the beginning.”

It seems ridiculous to think that a piece of software on a computer can change a human life. However, with the advancement of vaccination on a global scale, people are looking more towards the future. In some countries, people who have been vaccinated. He has started traveling to Disneyland, traveling by air, and attending concerts. At the same time, employers have slowly discovered this. That employees do not necessarily want to return to work in the office. Rather prefer to work more flexibly.

It is the basis for the new version of Microsoft’s Windows philosophy. Over the years, Microsoft has been creating “timeline” technology. This technology allows users to switch to another computer and open documents and windows they have used in the past with ease. In a post-pandemic world, Microsoft may be looking for opportunities to provide such features for those in need. Those who need to use computers in the office and at home.

More and more data shows. That this is really the case for the users. Although the entire technology industry is facing shortages of chips and other components, analysts estimate. That this year, notebook and desktop computer sales could reach a record high. Microsoft’s Windows upgrade may also follow the same trend. The new version of Windows Design will highlight new interfaces and support features such as work anytime, anywhere.

Technalysis Research Analyst Bob O’Donnell said: “A few years ago, it was a good idea to make office computers and home computers work better together. But now it’s become a really practical feature. One of the pandemic consequences is that Personal computers will play a very important role in people’s work and lives.”

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