Windows 11 third-party widgets support! may get support for Windows Vista-like third-party widgets

On January 17 news, one of the new features of Microsoft  Windows 11 is “widgets”, this feature allows users to view weather, stocks, news and other information, users can arrange the location and size of widgets by themselves, much like Live tiles before Windows 8/10. However, Windows 11’s widgets do not support open third parties, and users can currently only use a few official Microsoft components.

That may be about to change, according to some evidence Windows developer FireCube uncovered from Microsoft’s App Store terms.

Windows 11 third-party widgets

From the screenshots of the store, it seems that the API for widgets will be open soon, applications will be able to create custom widgets , just like live tiles, and even websites will be able to support widgets.

Windows 11 third-party widgets 1
Windows 11 third-party widgets 2

Gadget Pixels learned that, according to the description, the widgets will be adaptive and have a small resource footprint, while the build will also be open.

Windows 11 third-party widgets ACTIVE cards

It’s unclear when Microsoft will open up the widgets, but store information suggests Microsoft is working on it. With various widget support, we may be able to see more diverse usage than the original Live Tiles.

Windows 11 third-party widgets support

Windows 11’s third-party widgets feature will require a newer version of Windows Web Experience Pack. Developers will be allowed to publish their widgets on the Microsoft Store.

Since Windows 11 uses the Web Experience Pack for the widget board. Microsoft will also provide third party support for older versions of the OS. This move will greatly improve the widget panel. But it is not clear yet. That the tech giant will allow apps that are not listed on the Microsoft Store.

It is likely that more developers will start working with Microsoft on new widgets for Windows 11. Probably sooner than expected as the company wants the facility to be ready before the summer of 2022.

As part of the Sun Valley 2 update, the Windows Widget Board will be moved to the left side of the screen and users will be able to view weather updates directly on the taskbar, similar to the News & Interests widget for the Windows 10 taskbar.

Previous reports suggest that Microsoft plans to launch Windows 11 version 22H2 “Sun Valley 2” by the summer of 2022. The release date is not surprising. Because this is going to be an anniversary update for the OS and the rollout will align in late sujmmer. Completely with the original version of the main release.

In addition to a new widget experience, Sun Valley 2 is expected to add drag-and-drop functionality to the taskbar, improve the Start menu, and introduce support for new customization options.

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