Windows 11 WSATools is removed by Microsoft, the reason is revealed

A week ago on November 26 news related to Microsoft Windows 11 WSATools is removed, Gadget Pixels News reported that Microsoft has removed WSATools from the Microsoft Store. Which is the APK installer for the Android subsystem of Windows 11. Microsoft did not explicitly state the reason for the removal.

Windows 11 WSATools developer Simone Franco was later contacted by Microsoft to resolve this issue. Now Franco has finally revealed the reason for removing Windows 11 WSATools, which seems trivial.

This is the first problem Franco wrote. That application is based on WSA (Windows Android Subsystem). But the developer didn’t make it clear in the earliest dependency list. This problem is clearly stated in the list of WSA dependencies are easily solved.

The second problem is that the application hasn’t passed Microsoft’s automated certification process. Franco said: “As far as I know, Windows 11 WSATools did such an automated authentication check the day after the 0.1.56 update was pushed, and it was taken off the shelf.”

The last question is about the name. Microsoft seems to be renaming WSATools to what appears to be an official Microsoft tool.

Franco wrote: “WSATools has…WSA. Microsoft doesn’t like it. Although ‘WSA’ is not trademarked. I understand why they do it. They don’t want this application to be considered official or false Be understood.” Microsoft It is recommended to either rename or make it completely clear in the list that the application has nothing to do with Microsoft.

Franco believes that once these issues are fixed, the app will be relaunched, and the app is currently available for download through a private chain.

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