Windows 12 Leaks – big news! Microsoft Windows 12 plans to start development in March

Windows 12 Leaks: Gadget Pixels news on February 22, according to MSPoweruser, although Windows 11 has just started to get on track, the latest news is that Microsoft is already starting the next plan, and the development of Windows 12 will start in March.

According to the German technology website, according to internal sources, Microsoft will start developing the Windows 12 system in March, although the official version of Windows 11 was only released in October last year.

As pointed out by Tom’s Hardware, this report appears to be confirmed by Swift On Security, who tweeted that “according to Microsoft sources, Windows 12 is already in development and it will require two TPMs.” Although This quickly sparked speculation, but Swift On Security revealed shortly after that the tweet was “just a joke,” but still insisted that Windows 12 was on the way.

Windows 12 Leaks -  big news! Microsoft Windows 12 plans to start development in March twitter tweet

German site WindowsUnited says Microsoft is building Windows 12 almost from scratch without borrowing too much from Windows 10 . The idea is to build a modern, lightweight, and efficient operating system, just like Windows 10X did in the first place. This could mean that Store apps will be prioritized, while classic desktop apps will be run virtualized, as Windows 10X is planned.

Even if Windows 12 enters the development stage soon, we may have to wait a long time for Microsoft’s official announcement. After all, the development of a system takes many years.

Windows 10 was called the last version of the Windows operating system when it was released in 2015. Everyone thought that it would enter a longer period of stability, with a major update every two years. However, the announcement and launch of Windows 11 has once again awakened the “roaring” development of the Windows system.

Windows 11 is necessary in a way, because everything needs to adapt to the times. Some of the most significant heralded changes include an improved task scheduler, which will make PCs more efficient as Intel’s hybrid-architecture Alder Lake processors go mainstream. In addition, the security of the system is also significantly emphasized. Microsoft feels confident enough to sacrifice many available older generation CPUs (Intel Kaby Lake or earlier, AMD Ryzen 1000 or earlier).

So far, Windows 11 doesn’t seem to have clearly captured the hearts of PC users. However, Windows also has a fabled good/bad cycle. Based on this, and perhaps pressure from system and component makers to promote hardware upgrades, Microsoft could be back on track with regular major Windows release updates.

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