Windows 7 Aero: Microsoft is testing transparent glass designs for Windows 11

Windows 7 Aero: In Windows 8 and its successor, Windows 10 , Microsoft dropped support for rounded corners and Aero Glass in favor of a flatter and neutral-colored user interface.

Windows 11 has brought back support for rounded corners, and now it looks like the next major design update will have a slight resemblance to the Windows 7 Aero -era clear glass effect.

Transparent title bars for classic Windows applications are making a comeback, possibly in acrylic or new materials, according to Windows Latest. At present, the effect of mica is determined by the developer, so only some applications have the effect of mica, and the rest of the application windows are simple designs.

According to Windows Run screenshots that were accidentally exposed during a Windows Developer Program webcast in January, the app’s title bar is transparent, and Microsoft appears to be returning to the Windows Aero style it adopted in the Windows 7 and Windows Vista days.

Windows 7 Aero run

The Aero Glass theme for Windows 7 / Vista gives application window title bars (menus with buttons such as minimize, maximize and close) a soft translucent look.

IT Home has learned that it is possible for Microsoft to use the acrylic effect for the title bar of all classic applications, while retaining the mica effect for the window. Unlike acrylic effects, mica is an opaque effect that works on application windows, title bars, and even backgrounds.

Windows 11 acrylic effect
Windows 11 acrylic effect
Windows 11 Mica effect
Windows 11 Mica effect

Acrylic is a fancy, more resource-intensive Windows 7 Aero – like effect that displays desktop wallpapers and other windows behind active applications.

It’s unclear when Microsoft will apply the effect, but Windows 11’s 22H2 release, dubbed Sun Valley 2, may reintroduce this look to app title bars.

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