OPPO Enco Free2i true wireless headset experience: price entry, noise reduction

At the OPPO Reno7 series new product launch conference in late November, OPPO Enco headset family ushered in a new member-OPPO Enco Free2i true wireless headset.

In June this year, Oppo once again released the Enco Free2. From the nomenclature of the product, it can be inferred. That Enco Free2i is the “Young Edition” equivalent of Enco Free2. However, even if it is the “Youth Edition”, the OPPO Enco Free2i still inherits the OPPO Enco Free2. Super noise reduction technology, the depth of noise reduction can reach 42dB. It should be emphasized that this noise reduction depth has almost no rival in similar gears.

OPPO Enco Free2i true wireless headset usb type c cable and manual or earbuds rubber

In terms of configuration, the OPPO Enco Free2i headset has a built-in Bluetooth 5.2 chip, with full link delay as low as 94ms. Headset end delay is as low as 47ms, and audio is compatible with AAC and SBC encoding. Apart from this, the OPPO Enco Free2i still brings highlights like individual noise reduction, low latency and longer battery life. Looking at the starting price of just Rs. 4,750, all that can be said is that the fragrance is yet to come.

Let’s take a closer look at this product through the evaluation experience below!


In terms of appearance design, the OPPO Enco Free2i is basically the same as the bigger brother OPPO Enco Free2. It continues OPPO’s usual sleek and concise design language. The oval headphone box body resembles a cobblestone shape, and the back hinge is a hidden Oppo. The logo, indicator lights on the front and a unique fading design that’s convenient to open and close with one hand, and the USB-C interface are at the bottom of the headset box.

OPPO Enco Free2i with case

The only difference is that OPPO Enco Free2i does not have the slightly raised rim of the lower body on Enco Free2, but the visual integrity is stronger.

OPPO Enco Free2 case
OPPO Enco Free2 Case

After opening the charging box, the inside of OPPO Enco Free2 turned out to be sky blue, with blue and white contrasting colors, very fresh.

OPPO Enco Free2 case and earbuds

OPPO Enco Free2i adopts an in-ear design. The headphone head and headphone shaft continue OPPO’s simple and clean dual-track circular geometric splicing design. The headphone shaft is designed with a track circle touch area, which is easier to operate blindly. In addition, the silicone plug of the headphone The same is also sky blue color, these seemingly casual details, the sense of exquisiteness goes up all at once.

OPPO Enco Free2 earbuds white color

The weight of OPPO Enco Free2i is 45.9g, and the weight of a single earphone is 4.4g. After all, it is an in-ear design. There is still a certain gap in the wearing experience compared to semi-in-ear earphones.

OPPO Enco Free2 right side preview

However, Enco Free2i has also made a lot of optimizations on the headset body and the shape of the ear cap. Among the many in-ear headphones, the wearing experience of OPPO Enco Free2i is not outstanding, but it is not bad. The ear pressure is very slight and continuous. There is no problem with wearing it for an hour or so.

OPPO Enco Free2 case and earbuds

 Noise reduction and sound quality

Noise reduction has always been the advantage of the OPPO Enco headset family. Whether it is the early W51 or the flagship product Enco X, OPPO headsets perform extremely well in noise reduction, and it can even be described as “leapfrog”. I believe I have experienced it. ‘S friends are deeply touched.

OPPO Enco Free2 box and earbuds white color variant

OPPO Enco Free2i true wireless headset Price

OPPO Enco Free2i continues the powerful noise reduction performance of the family, and the noise reduction depth is consistent with Enco Free2-42dB. It is no exaggeration to say that, let alone Rs. 4,750, even in the Rs. 5953 gear TWS headset, noise reduction Few units can compete with OPPO Enco Free2i.

In terms of noise reduction technology, OPPO Enco Free2i continues the previous generation of personalized noise reduction algorithms, three-core noise reduction chips, and dual microphone hybrid active noise reduction.

Take the IT house office as an example. Under normal office conditions, the ambient noise of the office is about 45-65dB. After turning on OPPO Enco Free2i noise reduction, the most obvious feeling is that some low-frequency noises have all disappeared, and the bottom noise is also very high. Enco Free2i is very obvious in eliminating environmental noise, such as the rotating sound of a small fan on the workstation, you can only see it rotating, but the fan sound cannot be transmitted to your ears.

Of course, some high-frequency sounds, such as one’s own keyboard tapping sound, such as a water glass hitting the desktop hard, can still be transmitted to the ear, but it is also muted. All in all, in the Rs. 4,750 gear, the noise reduction performance of OPPO Enco Free2i can be described as outstanding.

OPPO Enco Free2i also provides a transparent mode, but after turning it on, the effect can only be said to be quite satisfactory. Of course, something is better than nothing…

However, OPPO Enco Free2i has another advantage in noise reduction-it supports personalized noise reduction technology. A simple understanding is that after turning on this mode, the headset will customize the exclusive noise reduction curve according to the user’s ear canal structure, and use the most suitable reduction Noise parameters, to achieve a better noise reduction effect, to achieve “one thousand people and thousand ears.”

OPPO Enco Free2 inner side preview Diagram

In terms of sound quality, OPPO Enco Free2i is equipped with a 10mm polymer polymer titanium-plated diaphragm unit, which has three-frequency equalization and clear high-frequency characteristics. In addition, it also supports algorithms to compensate for sound quality.

From the hardware point of view, OPPO Enco Free2i is basically the same as OPPO Enco Free2, but the latter has Dynaudio joint tuning. Here I have to admire the OPPO audio team’s precise knife method—the difference of Rs. 2,381 is at least there.

Of course, this does not mean that the audio performance of OPPO Enco Free2i is not good. As far as the author’s actual experience is concerned, the performance of OPPO Enco Free2i can be described as excellent, especially considering the price of Rs. 4,750.

Also take Wanqing’s “Hebei Moqilin” as an example. In the first 1 minute and 30 seconds, the drum sound is the protagonist, and Enco Free2i is very good at restoring the drum sound. Obviously, Enco Free2i performs better in terms of mid and low frequencies. In the vocal part, Enco Free2i’s performance is acceptable, the vocal and instrumental accompaniment are not too obvious, and the overall performance is quite satisfactory.

Of course, you can also choose different music modes in the settings, including classic, dynamic bass, clear vocals, bright and transparent, switch between different modes, you can clearly feel the different focus of the audio.

In general, it is TWS after all, and the performance of OPPO Enco Free2i is sufficient for the daily use of most users. Of course, if you are your golden ear player and want to experience better sound quality, you can choose OPPO Enco X.

Oppo Enco Free 2i True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones Full Specifications


ModelEnco Free 2i True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones
Release date25th November 2021
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
ConnectivityTrue Wireless Stereo (TWS)

Product details

Driver Size (mm)10
Weight (g)45.90

Connectivity features

Bluetooth Version5.2
Bluetooth Codec SupportSBC,AAC

Battery features

Charging PortUSB Type-C
Charging Time (Hrs) Case Only1.5
Battery Life (Hrs)30
Battery Life (Hrs) Earpieces Only6.5
Battery Life (Hrs) With Case Total30
Battery Capacity (mAh) Earpieces41
Battery Capacity (mAh) Case480


The OPPO Enco Free2i headset handle is a touch area. The user can trigger the corresponding operation by long press, double tap, slide, and three taps. The default long press can switch the noise reduction/transparency mode, and the three taps wake up the voice assistant cloth, which is convenient and easy to use.

OPPO Enco Free2 headset with touchpad

In the settings, OPPO Enco Free2i provides functions such as custom headset control, shooting assistance, device dual connection, wearing detection, fit detection, headset search, etc. The author is paired with OPPO Reno7 Pro mobile phone, which also supports high-quality audio (AAC) .

The two functions of shooting assistance and device dual connection are very useful. Take the OPPO Reno7 Pro mobile phone as an example. In the camera interface of the mobile phone, double-click the headset to automatically take a photo. It is very suitable for traveling and traveling to take a full-body photo by yourself.

The device dual connection function is also very useful. OPPO Enco Free2i supports simultaneous connection of two devices. Nowadays, more and more users have mobile phones with more than one smart device, such as a tablet, a computer or even another mobile phone, which can also be connected with OPPO Enco Free2i connection, in the settings, you can freely switch the audio output.

For non-OPPO mobile phone users, OPPO also launched an App specifically adapted to OPPO headset products-Huanlu App. Non-OPPO mobile phone users and iOS users can also download this App, which is very, very conscience.

More importantly, most of the functions of OPPO Enco Free2i have been retained, and some functions have not been cut off due to different platforms. This is quite conscientious.

Take iOS as an example. In the Huanlu App, functions such as headset control, noise reduction mode switching, personalized noise reduction, equalizer, headset fit detection, device dual connection, etc. are all supported, and even additional game modes are provided. . Speaking of the game mode, here is one more thing, the OPPO Enco Free2i headset full link delay is as low as 94ms, and the headset end Bluetooth delay is as low as 47ms, which is very suitable for mobile game players.

Therefore, even if you are not using an OPPO phone, I still highly recommend OPPO Enco Free2i. Not only is the product cost-effective, another important reason is that the Huanlu App can implement most of the functions, even if you are not an OPPO phone user, with the help of Huanlu With the Law App, you can still experience Enco Free2 with a higher degree of completeness.


Cost-effectiveness is still the core advantage of OPPO Enco Free2i. The initial price of Rs. 4,750(JD event price is Rs. 4,750), you can have up to 42dB of deep noise reduction experience, based on this alone, I believe it will become the choice of many users.

OPPO Enco Free2 headset with box

In addition, OPPO Enco Free2i also has good looks, dual-connected smart devices, three-band balanced sound quality, and quite a conscientious app. If you have a limited budget, you want to have a downgrade app. TWS headphones with excellent noise, even if you are not an OPPO mobile phone user, OPPO Enco Free2i, can still be your suitable choice.


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